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This Week’s Best Reads in CRM

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This Week’s Best Reads in CRM

This week’s best articles will help you build an effective customer experience while identifying better strategy, finding those social media pieces you may have been missing, and in leveraging your current loyal customers and turning them into advocates who recommend new customers to you without hesitation.

1. 4 Steps to a CRM Strategy

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Marcela De Vivo outlines 4 key ways to use social media to improve or enhance your customer service strategy. If you’re still working on your social media strategy, or even if you’ve had one in place for awhile now, De Vivo’s article will help you make appropriate changes or enhancements to it.

2. The Missing Piece of the Customer Experience Puzzle

This article by Karnali Jita identifies what is needed for your organization to build more successful responses to customer wants. Seamless connectivity in contact centers is more important than ever and this article will help you understand better the importance of these responses.

3. The CRM of the Future will Recommend New Customers to You Automatically

Darian Shirazi’s article about the future of CRM software will provide especially intriguing to those who are interested in out-of the-box solutions. This article does a great job of making predictions about the future based on some solid evidence about software today.

4. The Challenges of Traditional CRM

This article by Enhatch is about the next wave in CRM such as social or mobile CRM. Forget traditional complexity, the future of CRM looks less complicated and more lean.

5. CRM Cartoon: Now All We Need Is Salespeople to Follow Up

This article describes a humorous CRM cartoon that acknowledges the gap between CRM software and salespeople to follow up on generated leads. If you’re experiencing a failure to follow up on leads or other customer-generated inquiries, this article may prove insightful.

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