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The Week’s Best News in CRM

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The Week’s Best News in CRM

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor

In this week’s best in CRM we tackle justification for your CRM investment, a new App Hub and its possibilities, and even the issue of CRM hacking.

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1. How To Justify Any CRM Investment

In this article by Gene Marks, he makes the case for a CRM system to track your sales, opportunities, issues and complaints. Without one, he argues you may be losing considerable value. Marks convincing article will have you justifying your CRM investment in no time.

2. Salesforce wants App Hub to be One Stop Shop for SMBS

Ron Miller’s article outlines Salesforce’s new App Hub and its potential in improving product transition and in providing support.

3. Why Retail Strategies Are In Desperate Need of Change

In this article by Chuck Schaefer he suggests that retail strategy must change, mostly because the customer has changed. He uses graphics to outline the change in consumer technologies and the adjustments required for a new and successful retail strategy.

4. When CRM Fails On Customer Information

In Michelle Gaetz’s article she tackles some of the data quality challenges present in CRM systems, and what you may be able to do to improve them. Ultimately Gaetz’s article has some strong suggestions about better customer interactions and subsequently, better revenue.

5. Final Frontier For Contact Centers: Business Process Efficiency

In Stefan Captijn’s article he offers up some tips that can bring us all closer to exceptional top and bottom line performance. He also provides some critical evidence that these tips will yield great results.

6. What Can Hackers Do With Stolen CRM Data?

Finally in this article we look at just what is at stake when someone hacks CRM data, and how you can ensure your security if up to the task. From industrial espionage to impersonation of important personnel, significant damage is possible. We hope this article will help you understand just what can be lost.

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