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This Week’s Best Articles in CRM

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This Week’s Best Articles in CRM

#1 – Gartner Predicts by 2015, More than 50% of CRM will be deployed as SaaS

Louis Columbus writes this article about CRM’s software market and the projections for its growth and change. He argues that using SaaS based CRM to complement existing CRM systems and investments will be a way that SaaaS CRM is being built into new infrastructures.                                                                

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#2 – The day after the Salesforce deal: What about Microsoft CRM?

Mary Jo Foley’s article outlines the possible future of microsoft’s CRM offerings. Foley’s article outlines the new challenges ahead for the partnership between Salesforce and Microsoft.

# 3 – CRM Implementation tips from the Experts: Part One

This article by David Moth focuses on the way marketing, messages and branding can be personalized and automated through the use of customer data. His tips for implementing a more personalized service are insightful.

# 4 – Six Ways to Find out if your CRM is really being used

This article by Neil Davey will help you evaluate just how effectively your CRM system is being used. From monitoring usage stats to analyzing data quality this article is a great way to better understand just how your CRM system is being used, and how it could be improved.

# 5- Video: Did you pass this Visual Test? Cool SAP CRM Marketing Video – Ball Throwers

If your marketing team is not always hitting the mark with their effort, this video may provide insight into why. This review of a video is a solid example of how your organization may miss significant elements while all too focused on minor details.

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