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This Week in CRM

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This Week in CRM

In this week’s best in CRM we offer up articles that focus on forecasting and strategy as well as the importance of CRM software in creating new opportunities.

1.Taming the Beast: The Importance of CRM

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In this article by Henning Ogberg, he looks at the challenge of analyzing big data to gain useful information to help them realize commercial goals.


2.How to Lift Your CRM with Surveys

Christina Wu’s article welcomes guest blogger Otto Imken VP of Customer Support at Liftopia to help you better understand CRM and the role it can play in managing existing relationships with partners and clients.

3.Customer Experience Doesn’t Replace a CRM Strategy

In this article by Jim Tierney he outlines some key information from a report from the IDC. Overall his article provides solid information about the improved outcomes of businesses which put the customer at the center of their business decisions.

4.Lead Management: 5 Ways CRM Software Converts Leads Into Opportunities

In this article by Angela Nadeau she outlines the ways that CRM software can turn your leads into opportunities. With specific examples including lead management information and Robust Marketing and Reporting, Nadeau provides a good case for the role of CRM in sales conversion.

5. CRM Strategies to Try in 2015

Finally in this article we outline some great CRM strategies to try in 2015. From personalization to mobile first design, we look forward to some great new strategies in 2015.

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