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This Week in CRM

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This Week in CRM

This week’s best in CRM addresses security flaws, the importance of big data and even CRM’s link to providing shelter for those in need.

1. Salesforce’s New Analytics Tools Will Be Awesome. And They’ll Expose CRM’s Achille’s Heel
In this article by Nilay Patel, we are given an overview of some of the best parts of the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud. We also learn that sales adoption may be the biggest challenge yet.

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2. Charity Homeless Link’s CRM is Taking People Off the Streets

Margi Murphy’s article addresses non-for-profit use of CRM in the form of “Homeless Link” a non profit that generates revenue through In-Form CRM application. This article outlines the ways that charity workers are using the SalesForce Foundation.

3. CRM Alone Will Not Help Your Sales Team Win

Kevin Miller’s article addresses the way customer relationship management systems are meant to manage the selling process but also the way automation systems are also required to manage these same selling and buying processes.

4. 4 Common Mistakes in CRM Security
Jerri Ledford’s article addresses the 4 most common mistakes in CRM security, a topic that’s been on everyone’s mind lately. The article suggests that we implement policies which outline how data should be used and shared across our organizations but also suggests a monitoring and alerting system to help bolster better security.

5. What the NHL Can Teach Us About CRM Implementation

Finally in this article we take a long at the beautiful game of hockey, and evaluate just how the NHL may be able to teach us about CRM implementation. If you’re not sold on the link between the NHL and CRM implementation, this just may change your mind.

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