CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 26, 2014

Vtiger CRM Reviewed

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Vtiger CRM Reviewed

Vtiger CRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management software that is popularly known as the WordPress of CRM. It has functionalities similar to Salesforce and SugarCRM.  There are many reasons than one why a business should use this software. It has been principally designed for small and medium sized businesses. As it is open source software, the users can add more value to it by adding different features for their use.

I’ve broken down 10 reasons why businesses choose to use this CRM software. They are as follows:

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1. The first reason is that it is open source which means it is being constantly developed by the different community users all over the world. The newer versions are developed so that it can be customized for different businesses.

2. The Vtiger CRM software does not depend on network connection, so it can work both online and offline. The databases of this CRM application can be flexibly moved to serve different works without any problems.

3. One of the most popular reasons behind the popularity of vtiger CRM is that it is very user friendly. A person with no prior experience or professional skills can easily work on with its easy to understand user interface and workflow. There is also an option to deactivate the features that are unnecessary. So if the user does not need to use certain functions then he can deactivate them and work with the required functions only.

4. The fact that Vtiger is free makes it highly popular among businesses with limited resources. If the business does not have a strong workforce, advanced technology and extra finance then vtiger CRM reviewed is the best option.

5. Vtiger can satisfy majority of demands in customer oriented business with good information security and functions. As it is basically aimed at SMEs, it can meet almost all of their demands.

6. As Vtiger is developed by different communities all over the world, it is available in a wide array of languages to serve people from different countries. The languages used by this software are English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch and Turkish among others.

7. At large scale Marketing, Sales and Customer Service are implemented for automation in vtiger. To use and manage the business it has the professional decentralization function.

8. A user can easily and flexibly exchange databases used by vtiger with another user without any problems. The databases can also be incorporated in other database management systems (DBMS).

9. As Vtiger has been developed by different communities all over the world, it gets diverse ideas from different sections of the global community. The professional users give ideas for modernization and betterment of this customer relationship management software program.

10. Vtiger is not aimed at any particular type of user. Different persons working in different enterprise and departments can use this software to make the most out of it.