CRM Michael TaylorMay 19, 2014

VIDEO: Microsoft CRM 3.0: Lemonade Stand

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VIDEO: Microsoft CRM 3.0: Lemonade Stand
If you’re a CRM manager in your organization, then there is a lot to learn from this video. Three kids narrate how they’ve made good use of Microsoft CRM to grow their small lemonade business. As the kids narrate their short CRM story, you get to learn a
There are three reasons why I’m recommending you watch this video:
(1) It shows you that CRM is the heart and soul of any business. It doesn’t matter what  industry you are in you really need a system that tracks your customer habits.
(2) This video features kids who have used CRM successfully. So, if kids can do it, why not you and me?
This interesting video is definitely worth your three minutes.



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