CRM Michael TaylorDecember 6, 2013

Top CRM news, Tailored to You

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Top CRM news, Tailored to You

Hey Everyone,

Another week has come and gone and CRM Sphere is buzzing as always. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about CRM articles, uploaded to the blog.

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And here they are:

6 Key Metrics for CRM Tool

It is a proven fact investing in a quality CRM solution can help kick off your sales and increase your annual profit. Paul Mccord takes reviews 6 key metrics that a CRM tool can deliver.

CRM On the move for small businesses

ONDigo is one of the newest CRM tool in the market today that all small business entrepreneurs need to invest in. It is tailored to provide CRM on the go, Amazing right! Here is a review by Ian Barker about this great app.

7 Tips to a successful implementation of your New CRM System

Purchasing a new CRM system is a wise decision that will surely benefit your company. However, you need to incorporate it in your business correctly. Here are seven tips on how to do so by Camilla Graue.

How to choose the right CRM for your business

There are hundreds of different CRM tools out there. Each of them is unique as evident from their varying specifications and features. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Here are some nuggets by Lauren Licata on how to choose the best CRM for your business.

5 Main Benefits of Customer Relationship management

If you are anything like, you love customer relationship management that delivers on its promises. Here is my list of top 5 benefits that can be derived from a good CRM system. Michael Taylor

Hope you enjoyed the top CRM articles of the week!