CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 25, 2014

Top 5 Mobile CRM Apps You Should Know About

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Top 5 Mobile CRM Apps You Should Know About

Making use of mobile crm apps is essential for managing your interactions with active and prospective customers. The advances in mobile technology have made it possible for businesses to interact with their customers from wherever their work takes them. Listed here are five outstanding mobile CRM apps that are compatible with most of the mobile operating systems and platforms.


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Vtiger allows you to use the full potential of your CRM data. By staying on top of the requests of your customers across several channels, you can deliver excellent customer service that brings repeat business. The application will track and aggregate all of your current requests from just about anywhere. You can also setup real-time notifications, keep track of your present projects and make changes in your CRM projects on the go. While Vtiger is not totally free, its extensive set of features and stat tracking make it worth buying. You can even go on a free trial to make sure that the app fits your needs.

2. SugarCRM

SugarCRM Mobile is an extension of the Sugar Enterprise or Professional editions. It aims to speed up and simplify your interaction with customer data. It has an optimised user interface that features one-touch use of any contact’s phone number, email or location. New activities, contacts and accounts may be set up using the Quick Create feature, making this app highly adaptable when you’re out of your office.

3. Salesforce Chatter

Keeping track of the sales is the main aim of this application. Members of the sales group can track customer information and possible opportunities in the same way as they would using social media websites like Twitter and facebook. Alerts might be set up to alert members of the team if there’re any unpredicted changes to current projects and opportunities. This allows members to quickly modify their approach and make a change in their strategy using their tablet or mobile.

4. Zoho CRM

This app offers complete client-customer relationship life cycle management. You have access to all your connections, accounts, activities and probable leads in an offline mode if you are outside your house or network coverage area. Once you re-establish a connection, any added or modified client information will be automatically synchronized so all your records remain up to date and consistent. Zoho allows you to reply to calls or emails quickly and even gives directions to the address of the contact.

5. Mobile

This app allows you to view and organize all of your content in a file/folder structure. These folders can easily be turned into a webpage. Files can be shared on blog and other webpages using the widgets. The app has now started supporting iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

What to look for in a mobile CRM app?

It’s easy to find a CRM app that will suit your mobile device, but finding something that works for your all of your needs is not easy. An ideal CRM app must have perfect user experience with appropriate organizational manageability and security. When choosing CRM apps, it is necessary to consider features such as user experience, security, ease of use and advanced feature set.


All the CRM apps mentioned above are available for different mobile platforms. In order to start using these mobile crm apps, visit Apple, Android or Blackberry app stores and download them.