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Top 5 CRM Articles

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Top 5 CRM Articles

1# What is CRM and Why Do We Need It

Customer Relationship Management is very important as it has the capacity to grow businesses tremendously. Christopher Ratcliff deciphers the true meaning of CRM and why we need it today.

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2# Big Data vs CRM: How Can They Help Small Business

Small business need to grasp any credible opportunity for growth that comes their way. Big data and CRM are such opportunities that can expand their operations. Sara Angeles analyses how this two can help small business succeed.

3# Manage and Grow your Customer Relationships with Web Based CRM

Maintaining good customer relationships is essential to any marketing strategy. One of the surest ways of doing this is by using web based CRM. Laura Lake takes a look at how businesses can use this platform to grow and increase sales.

4# How Government CRM Tools are Addressing Complex Public Sector Needs

Lack of transparency and inadequate communication are the major causes of poor government service delivery. Fortunately, governments are now embracing CRM tools in a bid to meet public needs. Here is a straight talk from Nishant Shah on how this tools work.

5# 11 Steps to Plan CRM

Just like any other business strategy, CRM needs to be well planned for. Check out this infographic of 11 steps to help you plan a good CRM strategy that delivers.

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