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Top 4 Reads in CRM

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Top 4 Reads in CRM

1# New CRM Software? What To Keep In Mind

Looking for a new CRM software? You need to choose the best to achieve your organizations objectives. Here is a video by Entrepreneur Staff on what you need to consider.

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2# Latest Market Figures Prove CRM Tech Is All The Rage

Hundreds if not thousands of companies are investing in CRM software. The developers are really making huge profits from this new market trend. Chris Ward provides the latest market figures to proof that CRM technology is all the rage.

3# CRM Quick Tip – Clear A Field Using Business Rules

One of the major roles of business rules in dynamics is to enable administrators to create common pieces of automation without necessarily using JavaScript. Here is a gold worth tip on CRM that every business should be aware of.

4# VIDEO: Microsoft CRM 3.0: Lemonade Stand

As a CRM manager you have to look out for new information and tips that you can use to improve your existing system. In this video, three kids reveal how Microsoft CRM to expand their lemonade business. Am sure you will learn a lot from this video.

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