CRM Michael TaylorApril 1, 2014

Top 4 Online Sales CRM You Should Consider Using

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Top 4 Online Sales CRM You Should Consider Using

The modern businesses are laying great emphasis on customers and online sales CRM. The challenge is not only to acquire them but to keep them for long. For this a business needs immense engagement with customers. Be it maintaining database or letting your customers know about the latest offers that you are extending, CRM software can add great value to your company. In this article we will explore top 4 online CRM software’s that can change the landscape of your business.


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Salesforce has been a revelation as far as CRM is concerned. They have taken the CRM ecosystem to a whole different level. Some typical advantages of Salesforce are automation of sales force, maintaining relationship with partners, customer support and service, automation of your marketing efforts, security. Being a scalable platform, Salesforce give you the advantage of affordability. With its superior cloud support, Salesforce ensures that you pay only for the resources you have consumed. The other great advantage of the software is the fact that it can be customized the way you like. What’s more, Salesforce can seamlessly integrate with your ERP, Analytics, Mobile apps and various other applications that you have implemented for your company. Although it is a touch expensive compared o the other CRM Software’s, it is worth the investment nevertheless.


InfusionSoft is used by a lot of small industries all over the globe. From contract management to marketing automation, e-commerce solution to CRM, this software can function as an all in one platform for your organization. You could have a very good funnel management feature with InfusionSoft. From lead management to final conversion, this software has a very handy and well organized display in place. The dashboards are equally interesting.

Salesboom Cloud CRM

Completely based out of cloud, Salesboom has made great strides in the CRM ecosystem. Stated in 2003, the company has robust apps and has some very simple yet effective features in their cloud. What’s more, it is ridiculously cheap. The company can roll out their features at an astonishing rate of $14/hour. Every company gets a consultant from salesboom to understand their business and implement relevant program for them. At the moment the company has 5 apps in the name of team edition, professional edition, enterprise edition, Microsoft outlook CRM solution and Quickbooks CRM solution.


Mhelpdesk is very popular in certain countries. The good thing about this CRM is its simplicity. Be it effectively managing your customer database, or managing leads, from cold calls to sales review and dash board, Mhelpdesk can be a great addition t your organization. It is comparatively cheap as well. What’s interesting with this CRM is its free trial period of 14 days. You get a demo version of the software to check out whether this software makes sense for your company. You can start this trial in less than i minute.

The Way Ahead

With increased competition, CRM is going to play a crucial role for companies in the days to come. This is a great way of keeping a track of various business processes in your company. Online sales CRM is the way to go.