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Top 3 Free Online CRM Software

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Top 3 Free Online CRM Software

When it comes to free online CRM software, it is important to review important details of the best software available. The customer relationship management software is an extremely useful tool for sales. CRM software has the ability to store, sort, and report on customer data.

In addition to saving considerable amount of time, it helps you make connections with your prospects and learn about your customers the way you never did with a pen and paper system. CRM prices range from free to thousands of dollars, depending upon your requirements. If you are just starting out, then using free online CRM software is probably the right way to go. This article would entail some of the best CRM applications that are available free of cost.

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Free CRM 

Commonly known as Free CRM, this web-based software solution is considered to be one of most popular free CRM software online. This tool has the capacity to handle major responsibilities regarding customer relationship management and sales force automation, including lead tracking, customer service and business management, sales and contact management, and sales pipeline management.

The automation applications augment the performance of sales and customer service that make your job easier and convenient. Thanks to its features like integrated email campaigns, call automation, and group calendaring, this tool is often referred to as smart groupware.

ZohoCRM offers an incredible CRM service that is free of cost for up to three users and one million records. Sales teams, which need more licenses, can rather go for the Enterprise or professional editions. This application is a great tool for start-ups and entrepreneurs that offers improved tracking of prospects, accounts, contacts, and business opportunities. It has managed to acquire the reputation of one of the easiest and simplest CRM systems on the market. Zoho’s CRM service also has plug-in option for people who are looking for some additional features, but just can’t afford to purchase the whole package.


Based on UK, WeCanDoCRM is an effective CRM tool for entry-level entrepreneurs. This CRM tool handles a number of different functions, including contact management, sales, workflow, marketing, and reporting support. In addition to that, it also combines with WeCanDo.Biz, which is an online network that markets your business and helps you earn referrals. It also offers smooth integration with Twitter if you choose to opt for the professional level.

Most of these free online CRM software services are hosted online. You can access them from any computer and you can easily log in with your secure username and password. The major benefit of these services is the fact that they are hosted by the service provider itself, often with backup servers so that you do not lose data during any major catastrophe.

Since it is the responsibility of the provider to keep the service running, your tech support activities will remain minimal. Only disadvantage is that if the provider encounters any problem, you will end up losing all of your data either temporarily, or permanently. Thus, if you are looking for top free online CRM software applications, then you should consider them.