This Week’s News in Customer Relationship Management

This week’s best in CRM makes some interesting predictions about 2015, and identifies possible trends or challenges for the New Year as well.

1. 2015 CRM Predictions to Fire Up Customer Success and Growth

Eric Berridge showcases some important CRM predictions which are sure to make a positive impact on your own customer success and growth.

2. CRM Idol 2014 Demonstrates Resilience, Persistence and Invention

Dennis Howlett’s article outlines four of the 2014 CRM idol finalists. All of which offer up a variety of service applications that showcase the exceptional creativity of CRM systems.

3. CRM Project Management Requires Long-Term Outlook

If you’re not looking forward to the long term with your PM strategies, this article by Tim Ehrens will convince you just how important a long-term strategy for CRM really is.

4.The Effect of HubSpot’s CRM Launch on Salesforce

In Serge he outlines some interesting twists, turns and changes in the CRM market, particularly the emergency of HubSpot, and its possible effects on Salesforce.

5. 5 CRM Trends and Challenges for 2015

Finally in this article we explore some of the biggest challenges and trends ahead of us in 2015 in CRM. From marketing influence to Big Data, we outline trends which will influence all of us involved in CRM.

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