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This Week’s Latest in CRM

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This Week’s Latest in CRM

In this week’s best in CRM, we look forward and ask where do we go from here? We find some answers with CRM executives and we even look at open source CRM.
1. Where Does CRM Go From Here?
In this article by Marshall Lager, he consults the experts on where CRM is headed in 2015 and beyond.

2. Pegasystems Executive Interview

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In this article by CRM Xchange, they offer us an interview with Steve Klaus, Pegasystems Director of Product Marketing. Klaus’ insights provide clarification of omni-channel service amongst other important insights and clarifications.


3. 2015 The Year Marketing Automation Finally Catches On

In Mike Templeman’s article makes a solid case for the uptake of automation in 2015. Using some critical examples, Templeman argues that the uptake of automation will be better for the consumer and for the field overall.

4.Setting the Tone for 2015: CRM Begat Social CRM Which Begat Customer Engagement

In Paul Greenberg’s article he asks about the state of customer engagement today, and then outlines the need for a new framework for businesses to achieve better engagement. He presents a great framework for a 2015 agenda for CE.

5.A Complete Open Source CRM Comparison 

Finally in this article we compare 10 open source CRM. If your’e considering a move to open source, this article may prove particularly helpful.

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