CRM News Michael TaylorSeptember 16, 2014

This Week’s Best in CRM

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This Week’s Best in CRM

In this week’s articles we have a back to basics guide to CRM adoption, an analysis of accounting and CRM systems, as well as some great software solutions for mobile and nonprofit use.

1. A Back-to-Basics Guide to CRM Adoption

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In this amusing article by Chuck Ganapathi he takes us on a journey back to basics for CRM adoption. He uses simple lessons that we all learned in kindergarten to help sales managers break through. From letting their salespeople have a little room for creativity, to being a good example, you’ll find that Ganapathi’s article is particularly helpful.

2. How to Make Accounting and CRM Systems Play Nice

In David Taber’s article about accounting and CRM systems, he makes the case for a separation between CRM and accounting systems. If your company is integrating these procedures, Taber makes the case that this may be like merging oil and water.

3. 7 Big Ways Mobile CRM Has Changed the Face Of Sales

In this article by Stuart Leung we learn about the many ways that mobile CRM has changed the way we work in sales. From more engaged sales teams to increased productivity and opportunity, this article describes several important ways that mobile has made our lives a little easier and more productive.

4. Infor Ramps Up Cloud CRM with Saleslogix Purchase

In Linda Rosencrance’s article about Infor, she describes the way that Infor acquired Saleslogix cloud-based application from Swiftpage. Her article outlines the ways that CRM systems have previously tracked customer marketing and sales data, and indicates the benefits to the new acquisition of Saleslogix.

5. 4 Great CRM Software Options for Non-Profits

Finally this last article acknowledges the unique experience of non-profit organizations in managing customer relationships and maintaining loyal donor databases. Then it defines some of the key software available to help non-profit groups manage their systems, while understanding the needs to keep things simple and low/no cost.