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This Week’s Articles Best in CRM

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This Week’s Articles Best in CRM

This week’s best in CRM address many themes. From the best CRM software to the importance of CRM in B2B, you’ll find an article for all CRM professionals at various stages in the process.

1. The Best CRM Software as Selected by Business Professionals

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Ian Barker’s article addresses the best in software options for CRM. By using information and rankings by G2 Crowd he used the reports of 27 different CRM systems.

2. Evolving Omni Channel CRM

In this article by Vijay Ramaswamy, he describes ditigal marketing principles and offers up commentary with a great infographic.

3. 10 Things SalesForce Does Apart from CRM

In this article by Jimmy Nicholls he speaks about the importance of SalesForce and how it has begun to be involved in all business aspects. From knowledge, administration, customer service and even venture capital and charity, you’ll learn about just how SalesForce has evolved to cover nearly every aspect of a business.

4. In Dating and Sales, Content is King

In Doug Winter’s article, he makes the case that dating and sales have a lot in common. His humorous (but accurate) take on the sales process is illuminating. I think you’ll find this one a great read.

5. The Importance of CRM in B2B

Finally this article addresses not just the importance of CRM in B2B, especially when tracking progress, defining roles or helping you become more efficient.

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