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The Week’s Best Articles in CRM

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The Week’s Best Articles in CRM

This week’s best articles are insightful pieces. From interviews with some of the best CRM leaders in the industry to the impact of automation and social media, this week’s best have a look to the future in common.

1. 3 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your CRM System

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Jason Jordan Sales Management expert, shares with us his tips for maximizing your CRM. He advocates Keeping it Simple, Focus, and taking care of your reps. It is his belief that those who are failing a their CRM strategy are trying too hard and should take a step back and examine their practices.

2. Understanding Marketing Automation and CRM

Ray Stoeckicht’s article about marketing automation and CRM offers us an important overview of the importance and impact of marketing automation on CRM. He offers a great look at the significance of integrating your automation with CRM in order to leverage the most effective marketing perspective.

3. Has Social Media Killed This One Critical Sales Tool?

Ryan Holmes writes this article on the sales funnel, the promise of social CRM and the changes in sales during this social media era. His work is an insightful piece about the impact of social media on CRM and I think you’ll find his work engaging.

4. What Will CRM Look Like Over the Next 5 Years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Brian Vellmure’s article is an interview with Ashley Verrill. Verrill is an expert with CRM Reviewer and her interview takes us on a journey to the future, where she shares some insights into changes ahead in CRM over the next 5 years.

5. The 5 Biggest CRM Pitfalls You Can Easily Avoid

This article helps to break down some of the critical issues that face CRM professionals and how you can avoid them. From lack of functional mobility to lack of senior level engagement, you’ll find that these tips may just address some of the most common frustrations about your CRM system.

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