CRM Michael TaylorOctober 11, 2015

The Top 5 CRM Articles This Week!

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The Top 5 CRM Articles This Week!

Summing up this week’s top CRM news and insights, here are my top 5 picks from around the web!

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration: You’re Doing It Wrong!

To effectively market on multiple channels online, it is fundamental to have efficient marketing automation by integrating MAP deeply into the CRM system. Marketing automation is highly efficient when it is integrated correctly.

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It can ensure high revenues and manage a unified marketing. In his article, Kevin Miller talks about the advantages of marketing automation and CRM integration. Kevin warns from 3 critical errors marketers make when implementing marketing automation. This article is highly useful for organizations and marketing departments who are looking for safe and productive integration, and to prevent failure in marketing automation implementation.

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Don’t Let Your CRM Implementation Turn into a Colossal Disaster

In his article, Richard Young lists 5 top reasons why would CRM implementation fail. When CRM implementation is optimized, companies can reap its benefits; managing customers and marketing campaigns, increasing sales, tracking the conversion of leads into customers and analyzing churn and loyalty. Richard claims that the initial process of CRM implementation is critical to ensure the value of it.

For instance, the initial process of choosing the right CRM is important. To make the best choice, the company should delegate this task to an experienced staff member who understands and knows which CRM is most convenient to the company’s goals. I found this article fascinating, as it proves how small things adversely affect business success!


6 Powerful Reports to Run in Your CRM


Business intelligence refers to how businesses use and analyze data to construct better relationships and make favorable decisions. Every CRM provides basic reporting tools; sales, campaign and customer reporting. CRM can be this BI tool that analyzes data efficiently in order to promote and enhance business’s sales, service and marketing. Infusionsoft writes about 6 empowering CRM reports; their specific uses, who they suit and why they are so helpful to achieve business success. I assume that all the reports mentioned in this article are highly needed to ensure wise and easy data interpretation and usage. Worth a READ!


2 Companies Breaking New Ground in the CRM Market

The CRM market is extremely competitive nowadays. It requires innovative strategies to keep growing as a business. Unfortunately, it is not enough; businesses should keep growing, but must do it fast to ensure a profitable place in the market. Therefore, I’ve published an article that summarizes important highlights by Paul Greenberg, who profiled two CRM rising forces: Infusionsoft and Coveo. These 2 CRM rising forces will help us to learn how to make our organization grow fast to keep pace with the market successfully. In this article, you can discover what is the robust company culture they have relied on.


Get next case functionality for Dynamics CRM


Nowadays, people around the world – customers included – are more impatient. They want everything to happen as they want it to happen; quickly and easily. Therefore, businesses need the sophisticated Dynamics CRM. In his article, Lucas Alexander suggests a functional approach for Dynamics CRM implementation, to ease or alleviate our work and satisfy all our customers. I found Lucas’s approach very beneficial for a variety of organizations because it is easy to implement and seems useful to fulfill its aim!