CRM Michael TaylorMay 2, 2016

Supersize Your CRM with These Must Reads

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Supersize Your CRM with These Must Reads

This month’s must read articles will have you supercharging and supersizing, as McDonalds would have it, your CRM software. We take a look at mobile CRM mistakes, out-of-the box thinking, and even what lies ahead for the McDonalds CRM implementation efforts!

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1. Supercharging Your CRM

CRM systems sure has come a long way from when it first began, and it only continues to expand! How can you make sure that you current system is keeping up will all these changes and never falls behind? Supercharge it! Make sure you frequently test the system as well as encourage top customers to write reviews on online services.

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2. 6 Mobile CRM Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

Amongst sales people it is no surprise that mobile CRM is considered the most popular, as they always seem to be on the move. However, how do you guarantee that it runs smoothly, and that the least amount of mistakes occur? By knowing about the most common mistakes you are able to avoid them, which is what this great article provides you with.

3. Integrating CRM and ERP: Unlocking The Future of Enterprise Agility

Even though it may seem that software such as CRM has reached its peak in how much it can provide to your business, that couldn’t be further from the truth! CRM systems, as well as ERP, are continuing to expand, and this article gives you pointers on how you too can expand toward the future.


4. 5 Outside the Box Uses for CRM

CRM continues to find its way into every company and business as the need for the software increases. However, CRM has many other uses and is no longer a “one trick pony”. This article lists 5 ways that you can think out-of-the box with your CRM system!


5. Turning CRM Ideas Into Action

As the manager you have tons of great ideas on how to make your CRM more beneficial and productive, however, you may be having some trouble making those ideas a reality. This article is here to help you put those ideas into motion. This will help you focus in on one main idea and execute it correctly.


6. What’s Trending in CRM Technology

As I like to say, CRM software are always expanding and changing, and this article proves just that. Discussing what’s on the horizon for CRM, such as user-friendly designs, and accessibility, this article takes a look at expert opinions and makes predictions for what lies ahead.


7. Why McDonald’s CRM Effort Won’t Work

Like any other company, McDonald’s is preparing to implement a CRM program, however it seems that this system is already set up for failure. This interesting article takes a look at what McDonald’s is doing wrong with this implementation from 3 key groups.


8. What you can expect in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

We are patiently awaiting the much anticipated release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM of 2016! They will be updating three important areas and integrating new technology. Take a look at what can be expected from this update that makes it so special and great.


9. 5 Reasons You Need a CRM Champion

Having a CRM Champion as a member of your team is a crucial aspect that every team needs. This person would be in charge of implementation, training, troubleshooting and much more. This article explains what this superstar team member will bring to your business, and why they are an indispensable asset.


10. Insider Tips on the Best CRM Features

These top CRM features are a must have for any system! They will ensure customer and user satisfaction by creating an understandable and accessible aspect. Features such as remote access, flexibility and simplicity will make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.