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Superoffice CRM Review

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Superoffice CRM Review

Customer relationship management has taken a new direction with the introduction of SuperOffice CRM. This system allows businesses to grant customers external access to their contacts in a bid to improving CRM in business. SuperOffice is a European company established back in 1990. They major in providing customer relationship management solutions and insights, systems and software installation and integration as well as consultancy services.

Maintaining ongoing contact with customers is very important for any business. Loyalty and customer retaining is one of the key measurements of competitive advantage. SuperOffice CRM provides a smooth and seamless link between the customer and business enterprise. It is a software that allows tracking of all past and ongoing interactions between the business departments, suppliers, competitors, stakeholders and customers.

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Following up your clients can be a very time consuming task that involves searching for all information about external contacts and dating them appropriately. CRM allows the keeping of all past interactions and retains details such as full address, contact information, sent and received letters, e-mail and fax among others. It also retains the type of transaction made, services exchanged and date of interaction. In addition to this, it also provides an avenue for feedback.

There are options for web-based computers and mobile phones as well. This enables partners to access business details from anywhere. Simple GUI features display several data on a single click. SuperOffice CRM processes reports, charts, campaigns, appointments and allows easy sharing of this information thereby boosting teamwork.

Originally, CRM was mainly used by the marketing department. However, other business sections have realized the potential benefits of this software and integrated it into their systems. This significantly influences the productivity as well as job satisfaction and task automation in a business. It is usable by single or multiple users and its main role is to process customer information relieving the need to ceaselessly contact them. The immense data can be analyzed and used to draw conclusions about business trends, consumer patterns as well as employ performance.

SuperOffice was involved in customer relationship management long before CRM software was introduced. Their main aim is to offer customer services that surpass expectations in a smooth running environment. It comes with a user manual that explains how to effectively use and apply the concept behind this software in order to get maximum results. It is user friendly and has been received with a high rating for its ease of navigation and its ability to work both for local and global networks.

Superoffice CRM Review

Advantages of SuperOffice CRM

1. Enables sharing of information

Within a business, it is important for workers to have seamless access to details regarding customers, reports and appointments. This feature reduces the workload of sorting through folders and briefcases in personal computers. Any interaction is saved and made available for all workers to use. It also allows for other workers to make corrections and update information before it is available for customers. Communication between the fragmented departments is made easier and physical contact is no longer compulsory.

2. Instant access 

Mobile versions of this software enables access to business database from anywhere. Traditionally, working hours had to be spent within the premises of the office and all the data remained there once the shift was through. SuperOffice CRM enables workers to run the business and communicate to clients, suppliers, management and other staff from home or trips far away from the work location. This compounds to productivity and reduces costs of inconveniences related to the same.

3. Simplified tasking

From one screen, CRM allows the user to create, print and share letters and reports. It can also be used to schedule tasks and reminders just like a personal assistance. The inbuilt templates ensure consistency is achieved and movements which often result in time wasting are greatly reduced. It also improves the overall organization of records and tasks.

4. Monitoring

SuperOffice CRM allows the business to monitor customer patterns, demands, suggestions and even expectations. With the changing business environments and emergence of sophisticated customers, it becomes an integral responsibility to find, serve and maintain new customers.

This is however only possible with constant contact and improvement. This software removes the burden of tracing customers by keeping records and availing those records to everyone in the business cycle. The modern consumer has high belief in their ability to serve themselves and CRM offers a platform for them to access company contacts, references and other useful information.

5. Unlimited storage

SuperOffice CRM has no limitation on the volume of data stored in its database. This makes it suitable for both small scale and large corporations that have hundreds of clients to deal with on a daily basis. Unlike in-computer storage which can accommodate only a given amount of data, thousands of files, reports and folders can be kept safely using this feature.

6. Security

One major concern for any business structure is the security of company data and information. This software allows for scanning and secure storage of all information in its database. It can be optimized to grant limited access to delicate company information as well as restricting entry only to a given portion of authorized personnel. It also allows creation of multiple user accounts with different feature access for different types of accounts.

Disadvantages of Superoffice CRM 

Since the introduction of this software, many developments to improve functionality and efficiency have been witnessed. With its continuous encroachment into other business sectors, many innovations will be seen. The rapid advancement in technology also means continuous upgrading is required to meet the needs of the modern environment.

One main disadvantage of this software is that the SuperOffice CRM server only hosts customer documents and files archive. It does not allow any other installation on the server, thereby limiting integration. However, this is solved by the SuperOffice sales and marketing tool (for web).

Other earlier versions may not grant web access due to security restrictions. It is also difficult to customize the software.


Expectations remain high on the new technologies that will expand the capability of this software, and many companies are already enjoying the benefits. There is no doubt that SuperOffice CRM is one of the most needed software for any kind of customer oriented business.

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