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SplendidCRM Review

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SplendidCRM Review

For any small or medium sized business looking for software they can use throughout their Microsoft stacks, SplendidCRM is the perfect model to incorporate into the firm’s daily routine. Designed as an alternative to SugarCRM, it aims to manage and handle everything Microsoft related. As the world evolves so does the way we use the latest technology. Almost anything and everything can be programmed through a computer or a device all you need is the right software installed on your devices and Bob’s your uncle! You can sync all sorts of stuff onto your computer from your cell phone or tablet. Technology has evolved in a way that is unfathomable! It has made life a lot more convenient and functional. This is exactly what this CRM aims to do for any company that invests in it.

SplendidCRM Review

Some Background

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SplendidCRM was founded in 2005 and over the years it has gained popularity. In 2009 and 2010 the software received an award as a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Market Awards. The software came to life when founder, Paul Rony, and a couple of other engineers wanted to create an alternative solution to SugarCRM. The software had to work using Microsoft technologies.

The software is most useful for small businesses with marginal IT departments looking for a standard CRM result. The software is written with a C# language. The language was developed by Microsoft and it is a programming language made for common language infrastructure in the IT world. So far SplendidCRM has a wide spectrum of clients in different industries, ranging from health care to the government.

What to expect from the software

What you can expect is a fully fledged CRM system that incorporates main components of Microsoft technologies when it comes to its sales, marketing and support modules. Key technologies that can be found on the software include, but aren’t limited to: Microsoft Outlook and Word Add-in, rules and workflow engines, exchange server synchronization as well as report design language.

There are different editions to the software; there’s an edition for open source and professionals. Editions include community, professional and enterprise software. Each edition is sold separately and is sold at varying prices from the SplendidCRM website. The software is considered to be cheaper than rival CRM systems, like SugarCRM.

SplendidCRM software not only integrates MS Exchange, but it also can be integrated to Google Apps and Paypal. The software company is currently developing integration of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Rony states that at the moment customers and clients haven’t signalled for the requirement of CRM functionality. Despite this, this solution has the ability to connect to Facebook Connect. The CRM system makes it possible for users to login to the social application.

Upgrades to the SplendidCRM

The software company has upgraded the CRM system across all platforms. Clients are now able to make contact with technicians. The chat system uses the ASP.NET SignalR (also a Microsoft development) to make live updates as soon as messages are posted. The addition of the Mobile Client Native Application offers the company and anyone trying to make contact, a quick way to chat. It also arranges for a fast and effective way of entrance to SplendidCRM. There is nothing like losing all stored information on a device and having no idea on how to get it back. Fortunately, this tool is able to duplicate records and save them; this can be done without the constant reminder popping up for each checked document.

A new feature added to the professional edition gives flexibility for documents created from SplendidCRM. It has a new report design that has the same functionality as the Microsoft Report Builder. This is convenient for any professional familiar with the program. Having a report design similar to Microsoft’s makes learning it easier. A new feature added to the enterprise edition is the Offline Client Native Application. The application basically stores and is able to manage data in large quantities.

The different editions of the software

Available editions for purchase include community, professional and enterprise; each edition comes with an on-premise option. The SplendidCRM on-premise edition is a lot more costly than the live enterprise and professional editions.

The on-premise community edition is free, while the live edition is sold for $10 per month, per user. The enterprise edition is available for $40 a month, per user.

The on-premise enterprise edition comes in bulk with support assistance and upgrades for an entire year at a price of $480 per user. The minimum requirement for membership is ten members. If a firm has more than 10 members it can purchase the edition made for a minimum of 20 members for $720.

The professional live and on-premise editions offer support and upgrades just like with the enterprise editions, but the professional edition is cheaper. The live version is $25 a month, per user. The on-premise version is selling for $300 per annum, per user for a minimum of 10 users.

Each edition comes standard with an undelete’ (meaning you never lose documents), recurring calls and meetings, survey creation and a HTML5 calendar. Each edition has the ability to integrate Twitter feeds which means that a tweet can be sent from the CRM to Twitter. The professional and enterprise editions have Twitter tracking, which  associate tweets with the suitable or correct account/ contact.

Whether your company’s computer is using Windows 7 or Windows Azure, SplendidCRM has been tested on the current Microsoft systems such as Windows 7, Windows Azure, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

There is no doubt that this CRM is a system that is reliable and efficient on all fronts. It aims to make working with anything Microsoft easier and pleasurable. Due to the software undergoing new developments for iPhones, Tablets and Android, it is clear that the SplendidCRM has a winning formula for businesses all over the world.

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