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What is Self Service CRM?

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What is Self Service CRM?

Self service CRM is a new concept of Customer Relationship Management to provide the most effective system to the companies to build their customer base. It provides some online tools to the customers to enable them in choosing the things of their choice and get proper support from the company.

Reasons to Find New Concept

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People usually do not want to wait or to get disturbed by the callers who offer you value added services or insist you to purchase the things which you are not interested in, due to their busy work schedule. The CRM teams of various companies make such unwanted calls which instead of improving the customer base of the company affect adversely. Such calls which disturb you during your important meeting may frustrate and irritate you to deal with them instead of pampering and making you happy.

Introduction to New CRM Concept

Though CRM or Customer Relationship Management is important for a company to improve its customer base and they appoint CRM teams for his purpose but the basic thing is how to use CRM system efficiently in this respect. The concept of Self service CRM has been introduced to allow people to contact the CRM team of the company as per their requirement instead of getting disturbed by their calls during their busy work schedule.

This new system provides online tools to the customers to use them as per their choice and get required support from the company or its CRM team. It will help companies in approaching their actual customers as well as saving their time, money and efforts in guessing the effectiveness of the services provided by them. Companies will be able to save lots of money spent on making calls to the customers which they do not want to take. In this new system all the efforts will be made by the customer and companies will have to care for their web contact management only.

How to Get It

The functions of customer service and support get greatly automated in this new web based CRM. In this new system the companies have to take care for the maintenance of their websites only. Interested customers can buy ready-to-use contact management Web based software offline to use it for purchasing the things of their choice online. In this way many small businesses can take advantage of this concept to assess the effectiveness of CRM for the benefit of their business. Similarly customized software is also designed especially for the benefit of large sized businesses which can be obtained from any company handling general CRM software either on request or against some money.

How Customers Can Use It

Companies can put forward a number of things for the customers using this automatic tool of self service CRM. In order to handle any query and problem companies should depute online CRM teams not only to answer the FAQs of the customers but also to resolve the problems of the calling customers by chatting with them. Companies can also encourage the interested customers to join this campaign by providing leads for sale after getting their online filled up membership forms.

They can also maintain their existing customers by offering them sale based discounts. In this way companies can take the benefit of endless possibilities with this new web based CRM system by making some efforts in finding new opportunities to improve their customer base by helping their customers as per their needs.

Benefits of Self Service CRM

This automated self service CRM system allows customers to take care of their needs without depending upon the abilities of someone else which makes this process quick and efficient in many ways. Though self service can create confusing situation for the customers due to non-familiarity with the system or its confusing appearance but by using a quality web based CRM both businesses and customers can enjoy its various benefits as given hereunder.

Improved accessibility

It allows customers to access the business to get the things of their choice anytime they need. Problems and worries about anything can occur anytime irrespective of the occasion and time but if you can find a solution for them then they can be resolved immediately. Similar is the situation with general CRM system which had annoyed a number of people through unwanted calls from the CRM teams of the companies.

Main purpose of he CRM system was to improve customer base of the businesses but if it is annoying the customers then you will have to find out some other solution to resolve this problem. This new concept of web based CRM has resolved the problem efficiently by improving the accessibility of the customers by allowing them to approach the company themselves to buy the product of their choice online anytime whenever needed. Businesses only have to develop an effective and easily adaptable web based CRM for their customers.

Easy to use

Though the self service systems in several other forms have not proved as per expectations but a properly designed self service CRM system can be easy to provide information to the customers as per their choice and requirements. It allows the customers to review the queries of the previous customers while browsing through the topics to get information useful for them. Similarly by using a system that is being improved constantly people can also resolve the issues arising by using it. In this way a web based service can prove to be more users friendly more effective for its users.

Cost effective

Most of the businesses use this web based CRM system due to its cost effective feature. Instead of maintaining CRM staff to make calls to the customers, using software for inviting customers to approach the companies as per their requirements can reduce the cost much effectively. This new system allows companies to focus on resolving the problems of their customers through their CRM team instead of alluring them to buy things against their desire. Thus self service CRM is a better and effective way to improve the customer base for a company as compared to the CRM system used earlier.

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