CRM Michael TaylorJanuary 15, 2014

Secrets to Improve CRM Systems Using WalkMe

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Secrets to Improve CRM Systems Using WalkMe

Well, it’s getting hard to be creative with introducing the fact that we’re going to talk about CRM and how to do something significant with it. With the boom of the SaaS revolution opening up niches like this, and making them more integral to business, everyone knows darn well that CRM is important by now. However, they may be unaware of a unique way to improve CRM.

A lot of CRM solutions these days are designed to have their features added on to. Salesforce famously does this as a priority part of its identity, with an exposed API making addition of modules (created by you or others) very doable and easy. An App Exchange has been built to deliver these solutions to CRM users, and other solutions are beginning to integrate this philosophy since it seems to work so well for Salesforce.

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However, apps and extensions do improve CRM somewhat, but they cannot overcome a fundamental problem with a lot of CRM, which is that, if you know how CRM works and how to use it, most of it’s easy. But, if you’re not used to CRM in general, then it’s complicated, confusing and very overwhelming.

On top of this, support and training for most CRM gets problematic, because most CRM is easy enough to customize and add onto. This means that the nature of CRM out of the box may not match the state and procedures or conditions applicable to CRM that has had extensions, custom layouts, templates, reports or forms implemented and other such things.

Well, there’s another way around this, and it is with a training system that has made a lot of waves in many fields including training, self service, testing, analytics and onboard guidance for web interfaces in general application.

This solution is called WalkMe, and it’s basically a programmable macro that can integrate into a web form natively. Given a set of instructions (through a point and click system), it can act on information it gets from watching the forms and the browser states, and react accordingly.

It can preempt the user, changing states of form elements to correct mistakes, fill out predicted content, prompt them for the next steps and the like. It can capture analytics while it does this stuff, giving a good picture of common problems, confusions, mistakes and the progress of users being trained.

Now, the way this can benefit CRM is pretty obvious. It can train users on your CRM as you have it, where training material built around the out of the box state may no longer be accurate.

But, above this, it can also streamline and automate lengthy repeated processes like inquiries, maintenance and data entry to make it that much more lightning fast.

It can also be used for self service which means that some forms that you make, for user interaction. This lets them make inquiries and some changes to their accounts themselves, with WalkMe’s guidance keeping them from being confused, or from making mistakes or malicious changes they shouldn’t be doing.

This software is the best way to improve CRM above the basic improvement potential their own frameworks offer. It’s improving a lot of industries, and in the future, it’s going to be way bigger, just watch.