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Project Management CRM Tools to Consider

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Project Management CRM Tools to Consider

With the right project management CRM tool, your business can successfully manage their interactions with current and future customers.

It is important to understand how to get the right project management tools. Identifying the right tools to get this done may not be as entertaining, but you should be glad you got your hands on this article.

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With the various variables common with many business settings, identifying yourself with the right tools could be a challenge. In that case, building a proper outline of what these variables could be should be the first step before getting to choose your tools. Having that in mind, how then do you get along in identifying the right project management tools?

How to Choose the Right Project Management CRM Tools

While it might seem a little easy to get this done, you might want to consider paying sensitive attention to these elements: how you store your emails, calendar and other impo  rtant documents, what mobile devices you and your staff use in regard to OS, relevant features you presently need and could need for the future, reporting structure, how scalable your platforms are, 3rd party integration reliance and the ability to manage multiple of these integrations.

A deeper exploration of each of these variables could reveal even more variables. This listing however, should just be enough in helping you think critically as you make the right decision in choosing your tools.

As a business seeking to grow their clientele, these projects could be so overwhelming that they lose value. This means that, as a business, conflicting goals could be on the rise and perhaps you may want to do just more than you can deliver. As a result, with such kind of an overwhelmed management system, you could impact negatively on other activities that would have done better under proper management.

Generally, the right tools for project management will not only deal with this challenging factor but they’ll only work if there’s proper goal orientation. Could be it’s the staff that you are not sure of. Maybe you want a large one, a medium sized one or probably a small one. Bottom line is that you have to make the decision to choose one and not all. That way, the project management tools will find you instead of you finding them.

Here are some project management crm tools to consider:

1. Asana

This will work on almost 90% of what you need. While it may not work on Internet explorer which could spill over to your windows phone, other mobile OS’s have seemed to work just right with it. You may need to get something sorted while you are on the go and this could act as a proper replacement for your laptop; works just right for your mobile device.

It may not be quite the friendly type in storing backups but it allows for exportation as JSON. With these you could monitor your staff projects and ensure everything is running in good order and all deadlines are met.

With this, tasks are not assigned to other technical guys like programmers, designers, etc; they are allowed to do their thing.

Asana is not after information storage, it’s more of a task/project-only-tool unlike others. If you are looking to integrate with Google drive and Dropbox, it avails this service without a hiccup.

2. TeamworkPM

If yours is a larger team, this project management crm tool would do you good. It allows you to have more control over things. With its ability to see who you’ve assigned the work, this scales up the work making it easier than basecamp.

By clicking on a particular individual, one is able to know their status, spot their task and monitor their work. For a multi-employee management however, this could be more than cumbersome. Unlike the basecamp that only offers project templates only, TeamworkPM offers task and project templates.

With the drawbacks attached to basecamp, TeamworkPM is able to reverse all this into proper project management.

It is able to integrate with many services and allows for file versioning if what you are using doesn’t integrate with it.

3. Pipeline Deals;

This may sound really plastic but it’s as easy-to-use tool as the name sounds. This tool should be able to meet almost all of your requirements with the important integrations you’ll need.

This tool allows you to make contact integration with the email application of your choice. Contact management between your Gmail account and pipeline deals could get really slick by making use of the Gmail widget that comes with it.

This however does not integrate with Bidsketch or Asana. In most cases, this may not be important if your crm need not communicate with it.

It allows for integration with right signature if document signing is important to your business. With this tool, accessing mobile devices and reporting is made easier.

The list could go on and on but the truth of the matter is that, until you get it all planned out from the beginning, a project management crm tool could not really do you much.

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