CRM Michael TaylorAugust 20, 2015

Productive Infograpghic: Social VS. Traditional CRM

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Productive Infograpghic: Social VS. Traditional CRM

Nowadays, social media has limitless influence on businesses awareness and reputation, and it affects marketing and CRM. The effectiveness of CRM system is crucial to increase sales and to facilitate the whole process for the customer.  Social media changes what we already know about CRM and its core elements. For example: the customer controls the conversation and the interaction itself is the basis of communication. The interaction becomes more personal and matches accurately customers’ needs.  Therefore, it is highly important to be aware of the differences between the traditional and social CRM, as well as to understand why social CRM is more profitable to achieve ultimate success to your business.

In this infographic, by Ruby Media, we see the importance of social CRM. We see how social media changes traditional CRM. We can see that social CRM changes 6 core traditional CRM elements; it changes the hours of operation of the business (24/7), the basis of communication and the way in which we get market insights. In addition, questions like who controls the conversation, who makes the budget and who is the CRM gatekeeper change as well. We can see how in this infographic.

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