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Pipedrive CRM Review

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Pipedrive CRM Review

Pipedrive CRM is a simple yet powerful sales management tool that is loved by many small and medium-sized teams. This system organizes leads in a way that the person managing a particular sales project has a great overview of the activities taking place.

Pipedrive CRM Review 


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(1)Reasonable Price per User

This system is offered at prices that are well within the budget reach of freelancers, startups and growing companies. A free trial version of the software is available to every new user. There are no hidden fees. Zero charges for phone and email support. Free API key. Another additional benefit is that one does not have to submit their credit card number during initial registration. This is a move which is meant to ensure safety of each users money and so that those who are not willing to purchase the system after using the trial version can easily opt out. Because there are no hidden fees and commissions attached to this product, one is presented with a relatively cheap CRM option that is highly effective and acknowledged across the world.


(2)Simplicity of Use

A good CRM is one that simplifies your work – not one that complicates it. As such, ease of use and a beautiful user interface are two quite important points you need to ponder upon when investigating in this software. Pipedrive has the advantage of being quite easy to learn and incredibly easy to use.

Besides that, it is a web application meaning that it is easily accessible from any part of the world. Its straightforward and useful integrations with other services make it right for busy sales people. Normally, when you use a CRM that has all the features described in the two sentences above, you and your team can be able to remain focused on core tasks ahead and avoid complications. Also, the visual nature of a good CRM means you are able to take a quick glance of all your projects without necessarily having to sit and star digging through long, complicated listings.

(3)Simple reports that are easy to digest

The last thing an organization that focuses on making more and more sales wants to deal with is complicated reports. For this reason it is recommended to invest in a CRM that gives you a visual overview of the sales activity sub-divided into different sub-groups. When presented with meaningful data (sub-divided into smaller portions), it normally becomes easier to track activity goals and set team goals. The beauty of Pipedrive crm is that it allows you to see the data in the simplest format possible:


  • Deals added
  • Average age of deals
  • Number of open deals
  • Conversion rate


As you get acquainted with subtle facts and statistics from your sales team, it is much easier to re-direct your efforts towards core sales milestones.

(4)Reliability and Safety

Sales data is important to every company and for this reason; it is important that it is stored in a safe and secure location. If these data leaks out to competitors or the public, it can easily be used to bring down your organization. For this reason, it is imperative to invest in a CRM that uses rock-solid hosting and multiple back-ups. Pipedrive CRM uses secure connections, where all information is encrypted. All company data is usually backed up in real time to a totally separate server. Moreover, each organization’s data is stored in a separate database – this is meant to minimize the risk of accidental leaks or any kind of mix up. With your data in safe hands, you can focus on things that matter most to the success of your organization – such as acquiring new leads.

(5) Multi Currency and Multi Currency System

If you work in a company with offices around the world, then you can’t rely on a CRM that uses yesterdays technology. Working in an international context simply means that the organization will face more complexities – not the least is the difference in currencies. The organizations also has to deal with different languages – this can be complicated depending on the country one is operating.

Choosing a system that takes care of this great need is no trivial issue. Pipedrive CRM accommodates 9 languages and is designed to handle all major international currencies. The system operates well in following languages: Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Italian, German, French, Estonian, English and Brazilian Portuguese. All currencies from dollars, Swiss francs, Japanese Yens, Rupees, Euros, GBP to Kenya shillings are covered in this CRM.

(6)Seamless Integration Other Apps and Add-ons

Every day more and more software are available to business to support a variety of functions. With these multiple apps and software naturally rises the need to have a CRM whose integration raises the prospects of the user enabling them to perform most activities from one point without having to go elsewhere.

Ideally, your CRM account should be able to connect with other applications to help you:

  • Collect leads
  • Schedule important messages on your calendar
  • Send marketing messages
  • Save your important contacts and so forth.

Pipedrive CRM is designed to work with apps such as Google Apps, Google Drive, Yesware, MailChimp, Zapier, Quote Roller, Google Maps, Right Signature, Ecquire, daPulse, Support Bee and Active Campaign among others.


CRM is an invaluable tool that lets businesses find and acquire new leads. By organizing leads, prospects and project progress (among other things), CRM gives an organization a bird’s-eye view of their activities. This in turn allows for streamlined processes and enhances the ability to deliver stellar customer service and boost sales. Pipedrive CRM lets business organizations automates collection of crucial sales data so they can spend more time building fruitful customer relationships.

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