CRM Michael TaylorMarch 8, 2016

Our Monthly Must Reads in CRM

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Our Monthly Must Reads in CRM

I’ve gathered 6 of the most informative articles that were published this past month. In these articles we will squash myths, learn new tips, and a couple “how to”. These articles could be a great help to many of you, as they were to me, or just be your interesting reads for this month.

How You Can Use Your CRM To Build Real Customer Relationships

This article begins by stating how even though CRM should emphasis the idea of “relationships”, there is a strong disconnect between the concept and the execution. Suggesting a solution for this problem, Robi Ganguly, recommends that companies shift from transactional CRM to relationship-based CRM. Doing so will help employees communicate better with customer and not in a dehumanizing way, as the article puts it.

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CRM Myth Busters: Think You’re Too Small for CRM? Think Again.

If you ever thought your business was too small to utilize the true power of a CRM system, this article is here to tell you that this is not true. Even though a CRM system is primarily used to improve sales, there are many other uses that could greatly benefit your small business. This great article discuss what CRM can do for your business and how it can impact growth.

9 CRM Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

If you are getting ready to implement a CRM system you want to make sure it runs smoothly and is implemented correctly in order to guarantee success. This article pinpoints the 9 top mistakes that you may encounter and that you want to avoid. These mistakes range from lack of leadership to lack of training, and once you are aware of these common mistakes you can avoid them!

CRM Success Requires Focus On People, Not Only Technology

After running a survey on what a successful CRM system entails, it was not surprising that there has been great emphasis on the software but not as much on the customers, which is equally, if not more, an important aspect to this system. A successful CRM system should address people issues, the CR process, strategy, and technology. Along with some tips on how to manage the process, this article explains it all.

How to Pick the Best CRM Software for Your Company

Our last article, but certainly not least, is a very detailed explanation on how to pick the best CRM software for your business. Taking into consideration how many employees you have, how much you can spend, free demos and much more, this article will surely be able to assist you in picking the CRM system that will benefit you!