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OnContact CRM Review

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OnContact CRM Review

Oncontact CRM targets and solves the unique needs of any growing company. CRM has been pitched as one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Every business both small and large is aware of the CRM software and the proper use of these programs. CRM is software that manages a database of customer information and designed to make customer management easy.

Oncontact incorporates all the necessary tools that are required to organize client contact information. It has the reputation for having won the bronze award for customer relations management software. Moreover it is touted as one of the companies that provide both cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

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OnContact CRM Review

This CRM is an effective and indispensable tool that provides a comprehensive and precise history of the marketing, sales and service to efficaciously communicate with your clients. This is 100% web based customer relationship management software that gives the company the ability to interact and connect with the different departments by linking customer information between everyone.

In short, it is a central point where the departments in an organization can share the relevant information to collaborate and communicate with the customers. No wonder this software is touted as an innovative and budget-tailored customer relationship management solution. This will dramatically improve your sales, marketing and customer service. Yes, with this truly versatile software you are sure to impress your customers and make you company stand apart from the others.


With a wide array of impressive features and tools this CRM solution helps to increase your customer experience.

1. Split window feature: One of the unusual features incorporated by this software is the split-window view that helps to segregate the customer files into two sections. Here the top section includes contact information of the customer and the bottom section provides detailed information about the customer and his past interactions. In the notes section anyone can leave their feedback reviews that will help the company to improve its future interactions. The Opportunities tool helps you to clearly systematize the efforts targeted towards improving the sales and marketing of the company.

2. Excellent customer support: The Oncontact CRM customer support team is there to handle all your queries and doubts related to the software. This helps to streamline customer service. This software contains all the history of the interactions with customers and prospects. This helps you to effectively manage your customers and prospects relationships.

3. Marketing functionality: This enables you to create, execute and track all campaigns that are undertaken to increase the leads and generate more sales. This ensures effective campaign management.

4. Mail merging option: It includes the mail merging feature that allows you to create personalized mailing labels, mails, envelopes, form letters or faxes.

5. Document linking management: It also features document linking and management that displays all the up-to date account information and details that facilitates easy navigation to any area with just a single click.

6. Search tools option: It features searching tools to quickly locate any item with the help of customizable criteria forms or the advanced filter designer. It also portrays a 360 degree CRM view and includes over 750 tailor-made reports.

7. Connects to social media networks and smart phones: It includes links to social media networks that helps you to monitor social conversations, interact with your connections and check feedback also. It also provides access to your CRM data on all iPhones and Android phones.


  1. This is a feature enriched customizable application that aims at automating your sales, marketing and customer service activities. It provides a detailed history of the company’s sales, marketing and service efforts in addition to facilitating excellent customer interaction.
  2. It focuses on mid-market organizations to provide an in-depth functionality and increased automation. This is effective software for effectively collaborating sales strategies, creating email marketing campaigns and to easily track all the sales orders. You can send and track all emails from within the Oncontact.
  3. This offers both hosted and on-premise solutions. Hence you can select the deployment option that best fits your needs. This is an award winning hosted and on-premise web based CRM solution.
  4. It allows you to access CRM data on your Smartphone anywhere, anytime. Yes, it is also available on all your mobile applications on your iPhone and Android phones. Hence you can access CRM on the go. You can also use social media to effectively reach for your customers and prospects.
  5.  The CRM solution has a simple and clean design that facilitates ease of use. This easy-to-use and customizable CRM software is also budget- friendly in nature. Hence it will not burn a hole through your pocket. It also helps your staff with almost everything – from creating new customers to retaining existing customers. This helps the company to improve the sales efficiency. By streamlining customer service it helps you to effectively track and respond to the service requests.
  6. Oncontact is known for its robust customization and excellent integration abilities. On account of its unique real-time access and work-flow automation feature it aids you in tracking the performance of your employees.
  7. It also facilitates a lot of support options. It allows for both email support and telephone support. You can also gain access to the customer service personnel and chat with him live. There are several online video tutorial presentations that help you to better understand this CRM solution.


Lack of storage space is the greatest disadvantage of this customer management software. It only facilitates a 2GB of data for the initial user and an extra 2GB of the use for the next five users. Though this may sound sufficient for a small business this is not ample for big companies. This is because the 2GB fills up quickly and does not permit the purchase of some extra space. This is the greatest drawback because other contact management software available in the market today includes unlimited data storage option which is most appreciated among the public.


This software uses the latest Microsoft .NET platform to build more stronger and profitable relationships with the customers and prospects. Making clients a top priority is a breeze with the help of Oncontact CRM tool so it is certainly one you should consider.