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Nimble CRM Review

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Nimble CRM Review

Choosing Nimble CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for small business is quite challenging. Indeed, there are literally hundreds and thousands of available options, but what works well for one business might not offer the same results for others.  For several years now, Nimble has been in the forefront offering its unified social dashboard program, commonly referred to as CRM. The following is an ultimate overview of the above software:

The above software is simply an insightful relationship manager program designed to help professional and business-owners build an amazing relationship in a noisy and multi-channel world. In other words, the program provides an easy and smart way to track, nurture, and engage contacts.

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The way in which the above program operates is quite simple. It brings together contacts, communications, calendar, and collaborations in just one simple platform. In most cases, the software pulls together most popular social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter, thereafter; the functionality’s program links them to business contacts.

Instead of moving from one application to another, organizations and business enterprises have found one stunning solution that helps them to find individuals who are relevant to their businesses. With the help of the program, you can listen and engage with those relevant individuals and build stunning relationships leading to amazing opportunities.

Nimble CRM Review

Key Features of Nimble CRM

As stated earlier in the introductory/overview section, the above software has a vast number of features that makes the whole program more robust. In this regard, the following are some of the basic features of the above program:

  • The best contact management interface suitable for noisy world
  • A daily ‘Today’ page, which is the day’s roadmap
  • Over 100 integrated work-tools
  • An All-Inclusive Contact Register (stores all the details of relevant individuals)
  • An automatic contact import, which requires users to enter their email contacts and watch the magic behind the scenes
  • It contains “signals,” a device that notifies users of other people who are talking about them
  • Social listening and engagement option, which leads to new leads
  • Set reminders, a touch base that is used to regularly build stunning relationships
  • Contains one screen that holds all the contact-history for all your shares
  • A program that allows users to share information effortlessly with other individuals or other teams
  • Contains a truly unified inbox, which includes all the social communications
  • Categorized with handy searches and tags
  • Designed with search ALL streams, developed by Nimble Inc.
  • Laser focus that deals with actionable insights
  • Has ‘Last Contacted’ option, a feature that allows users to stay in touch
  • A Sales Pipeline reporting and monitoring system
  • A feature that allows users to assign tasks to team members and other users
  • Easy-to-Manage feature deals
  • Coordinated and events calendars
  • Automatically integrates all the functional parts of your business environment

Nimble Customer Relationship Management Users

This is one of the best customer relationship-management programs that provide industry solutions to various business organizations. It is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. In this regard, the above software targets the following users:

  • Business owners, consultants, sales managers, and salespeople
  • Freelancers
  • Non-profit making organizations
  • Public administrations


It is quite challenging to keep track of your contacts, people, and conversations in ten different types of applications. In this regard, there are several benefits of the above software, which include the following:

  • The Nimble platform offers the flexibility by combining all your social, tasks, email, activities, follow-up, and so on into one major application that is geared into bringing better engagement with your esteemed contacts. In other words, the above software helps users to keep track of tasks, deals, and tasks at a glance
  • The second benefit is that, it brings insights and context to your contacts. This offers agile, quick, and smart option about doing your business
  • It can be used to identify people in connecting with your network. Thus, users can communicate freely, quickly, and easily
  • Nimble CRM guides users on how, why, and when to interact with all the people connected to your network
  • The above software helps to generate leads. In other words, it helps users to engage and find targeted leads found on your social networks
  • The other amazing benefit of the above software is that it offers reliable support to its customers
  • The CRM software for Nimble offers a centralized option that allows users to manage a wider social presence
  • Finally, to stay and remain organized should never be difficult; with the above software, all is possible


  • In most cases, imported contacts come with messy structures and require plenty of organizations
  • One of the major drawbacks using the above software is that you can get wrong social accounts that can be reflected in your contacts


From the above overview, it is clear that the functionalities of the above software goes over and beyond the bar. If you have been using traditional channels (such as phone, email, face-to-face, and so on) and social media to increase contact with your prospects and customers, and the methods have been yielding poor results, then, you need to consider the above amazing software. Indeed, Nimble CRM has been designed to provide solutions to such a case by providing a strong social relationship development, sales contact management, and social selling solution.

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