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My Weekly CRM Roundup!

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My Weekly CRM Roundup!

How Project Kick-Off and Effective Communication Can Help Cloud-Base CRM Migration

Sometimes, it is necessary to replace our CRM system because it does not adjust our needs anymore. This process holds difficulties since the employees and the customers are used to the old known CRM and it is hard for them to adjust to a new system and learning its functions right from the beginning. To minimize their anxiety, it is essential to have an effective communication and explain to them why it is needed. This article describes perfectly, step by step, what should be done when replacing CRM system. In addition, it offers some useful tips for how to build enthusiasm and make this process bearable, easier and accepted.


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Social CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the digital age, social CRM has become a useful way to market effectively, to increase sales and to improve customer service. It is necessary to lift to social CRM, but we have to do it correctly. We should master how social CRM works and to conform it to our needs wisely. According to David Myron, in order to promise our success when using social CRM, we should avoid some common mistakes and follow 10 essential steps.


The article is interesting and covers fundamental information about the correct CRM strategy that should be adopted, as it also gives information in understanding social CRM impact and potential. I liked the eighth step because via social CRM we can respond immediately to customers input and improve our service. This is highly important because customers are impatient nowadays; they want everything in the shortest time available.


Do You Use the Right System for Your Business?

Every business wants and needs to promote itself and its products to sell as much as it can to the audience target. Therefore, businesses themselves have to make others discover them, so they will be promoted and successful. It is necessary to use a CRM system to facilitate and adjust what companies offer to their customers and help them to gather the appropriate information that they need.

This article is extremely useful since it lists the advantages of having a suitable CRM for our businesses since it is the system which assists us to be engaged with our customers and vice versa.  It also makes it possible to track our sales efficiently. (Written by Soffront)


How HP Integrated Social Media into its International CRM System

We have to earn our customers trust and loyalty; they have to be satisfied from our service in the whole process we go through together, including after the buying process.  According to Dave Roman, in order to accomplish that and care genuinely about our customers, we must not separate between marketing and customer service.

This article brings an example of how HP did it and integrated social service in social media. In other words, it is crucial to engage social care services in the CRM system to control customers’ problems and solve them efficiently to keep them satisfied. I agree with this insight, I think it is important to keep in touch with our customers and solve their problems by practicing social care services. Every online complaint is public and could destroy any company’s reputation if the problem is not solved immediately and socially in our CRM system.


Thoughts on CRM Design and converting user requirements to CRM solutions

In his article, Ben Hosking gives his thoughts on CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 design differences and how this affects CRM usability and effectiveness. For a company to sell more, the user has to feel comfortable with the new system, find it easy to navigate and function. We must minimize users’ frustration by making the CRM clearer and easier to use automatically, without making our users think. I liked this article because Hosk gives the most important problems and benefits that the different CRM systems provide. In addition, it gives CRMs’ developers advice in designing their CRM to suit everyone.