CRM Michael TaylorAugust 13, 2015

My Top 8 CRM Articles This Week!

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My Top 8 CRM Articles This Week!

This week’s list bounces off between Dynamics and Salesforce- with practical guides, tips and also some insightful articles that dig into your prospect’s mind. Enjoy!

1. The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Small-Business CRM Suite:

I’ll start this week’s list with a great article from a shootout between major CRM platforms, focusing on their SMB features. Which one gets the upper hand? See for yourselves! (Written by Maria Minsker)

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2. How to avoid overwriting audit and duplicate detection flags:

 When offering your customers with more than one solution via Dynamics may cause audit for some entities to switch off\on- and it’ll always be the opposite of what your customer wants. The next article will help you solve this once and for all.


3. Tips for working with Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online:

Up next is a great guide I found that navigates through the recent features added to Business Rules for Dynamics. If you’re new to it, the article also contains a link to a beginner’s guide.


4. Microsoft adds gamification to Dynamics CRM with FantasySalesTeam buy:

Closing the Dynamics section this week’s, my next pick is actually a news article- but it’s just so cool. Awesome job Microsoft! Salesforce- take notes. (Written by Roland Moore-Colyer)


5. Salesforce Data Migration: Helpful Tips for CRM Change:

Speaking of Salesforce, the CRM giant is the topic of the next few picks. The first- a nice article that outlines the main reasons for Salesforce data migration, and how to do it properly.


6.  Salesforce Admin Tip: Updating an Auto-Number Field:

Next up in the salesforce section is a short guide that might save your team a lot of grueling manual work. While most Salesforce admins know how to use auto numbering-fields, most aren’t too quick to trust the feature, as it leaves you vulnerable when exceptions come in. However, this next guide will help you solve that issue and reintroduce you to this feature.

7.  Interpreting Social CRM Signals to Develop a Solid Marketing Plan:

This article digs deep into social media campaign management- and demonstrating great ways to use your social CRM data as the basis for it. The right words- aimed at the right people. (Written by Sherry Gray)

8. Creating a Customer Relationship Management Marketing Plan:

Last one for this week is an article I recently published, providing guidelines for a great CRM marketing plan. Feel free to comment on my take!