CRM Michael TaylorSeptember 13, 2015

My Top 6 CRM Articles This Month!

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My Top 6 CRM Articles This Month!

After doing a lot of reading, I gathered 6 CRM articles that I found the most interesting and important from the past month. You will find wonderful tips, helpful information and great insights and advice concerning CRM. Among the chosen articles you can learn how to increase CRM adoption amongst Millennials, see how CRM acts as the ideal solution for small businesses, and more. Enjoy!

5 Tips for Increasing CRM Adoption Amongst Millennials

It is essential for us to increase CRM adoption among various audiences due to its ultimate benefits. It is not a secret that the Millennials are one of the toughest audiences for us to approach because they grew up in a different environment.

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Therefore, it is crucial for us to apply wise strategies to draw their attention so we will be able to increase their CRMs adoption. I find this article extremely important and interesting because it offers very useful tips and strategies to apply in order to attract Millennials and increase CRM adoption amongst them.  I find all of them interesting and significant!


Why is CRM the ideal solution for every small business?

This great article draws our attention to the fact that CRM is not only for big businesses. Small businesses also need a CRM with all its benefits, as well as to know how to choose the right CRM system. This article, by Manash Chaudhuri, gives perfect answers to these questions.

It gives 10 benefits of CRM for small businesses and lists the factors they have to consider in order to get the right CRM system that specifically suits their needs. In addition, the article gives an example on how to choose the CRM that best suits your needs, hence; it clarifies the idea very well. I liked the article since it reassures the significance of having CRM even in small business and why it is the key for success.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in a CRM

As the title says, there are 5 questions to consider before we decide to use a CRM tool. We need CRM to boost our customer-service and sales to achieve success. The indispensable 5 initial questions discussed by Jame Oetting in his article, are fundamental to consider because they reassure our success as a business.

These questions draw our attention to things we may not have considered at the beginning, which are highly essential to our success with CRM. For example, before thinking of investing in a CRM, we should determine our goals, define how we will use it effectively and if it is easy to use.

5 Ways a Bad CRM Trips Up Your Sales Team

The alliance of your CRM system and your sales team is crucial to your success in increasing sales and improve your customer service. Inside-CRM has brought 5 marvelous aspects and ways that impede your sales team to work successfully.

These 5 ways actually warn us from a bad CRM that we should not use. I like the fourth insight, when the CRM lacks training resources because I think is the most drastic way in which your CRM can trip up your sales team! (Written by Inside-CRM)



CRM- Emerging Star of Marketing

This article, by Tarun Sharma, explores CRM functions and importance in the marketing world, where customer’s behavior and loyalty changes. It is important to offer relevant options for our customers that suit their needs and be active on the social media as a medium of conversation.

I like the insights discussed in this article and consider it key information about what CRM is and its rules in the new marketing world!


Social CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the digital age, social CRM has become a useful way to market effectively, to increase sales and to improve customer service. It is necessary to lift to social CRM, but we have to do it correctly. We should master how social CRM works and to conform it to our needs wisely.

According to David Myron, in order to promise our success when using social CRM, we should avoid some common mistakes and follow 10 essential steps. The article is interesting and covers fundamental information about the correct CRM strategy that should be adopted, as it also gives information in understanding social CRM impact and potential. I liked the eighth step in particular, because with social CRM we can respond immediately to customers input and improve our service. This is highly important because customers are impatient nowadays; they want everything in the shortest time available.