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My Favorite CRM Articles From This Week!

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My Favorite CRM Articles From This Week!

Focusing mainly on various aspects and fields in Microsoft Dynamics, this week’s list also contains some social CRM, solving technical difficulties and much, much more. Enjoy.


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The Hidden Costs of Duplicate Contact Data

I’d like to start this week’s list with an article that deals with a very common issue in the CRM world- duplicate contacts. The data mass streaming through your CRM platform is bound to leave excess pieces behind, and duplicate contacts are not easy to get rid of. Hell, it’s even not that easy to get rid of it on your smartphone! Anyway, this article tackles the problem, offering ways to avoid it and other solutions. (Written by Clinton Skakun)


Microsoft Dynamics CRM not working? Check Out These Common Causes

Keeping up on the “problem-solving” side, you can be a real CRM ninja, a master salesperson or a skilled team manager, but nothing prepares you for those annoying, often inexplicable errors: “an error has occurred”. Usually the software will point you to its community forums\blogs, where you’ll have to spend some time looking for the proper solution. Luckily, Mr. Hosk has provided us with this great quick guide for dealing with these cases. (Written by Ben Hosking)



5 Time-Saving Features in the Dynamics CRM 2015 Tablet App

Further down the Dynamics road! This spring’s update to the platform offered a brand new design to its tablet app- revamped for ideal speed and ease of use. The next article covers 5 great new features that’ll save you precious time while working with your tablet. ( Written by Laura Heinbockel)


Querying More than 5000 records in Dynamics CRM

Out of the relatively small selection of tools provided in Dynamics to query and read data, FetchXML allows you to read the largest number- up to 5000 in one go. The next article shows you how to push this tool to its max effectively. (Written by Inogic)


5 Real-Deal Social CRMs for Marketing, Sales, and Service

I particularly like covering social CRM as it combines costumer relations with marketing, and often viewed by customers as less “demanding” and official- allowing a lighter approach to problems\questions raised. The next article covers five prominent players in this field. (Written by Aleksandr Peterson)

How Machine Intelligence Transforms Customer Acquisition

The next article is a recap that Salesforce blogger Kristie Sein has written, going over the main ideas in CTO Adam Evans’ recent panel with Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius and Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. Great, great read.


Infusionsoft VS Salesforce – Who Will Win The Battle?

Closing this week’s list is a recent shootout I’ve made, comparing two powerful CRM solution vendors- Infusionsoft and Salesforce. Each has its own advantages of course, but who will win in the total score? Be sure to check it out.


 Migrating Your Legacy Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Keys to Success

Microsoft Dynamics gets to do an encore in this week’s list. An important factor for many companies while trying out a new CRM platform is data migration from the said company’s legacy system. While never impossible, the “smoothness” of the process can really affect a buyer’s decision. So, here’s a quick guide for data migration in Dynamics. (Written by Fred Varin).