CRM Michael TaylorJune 18, 2015

My Favorite Articles In CRM This Week

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My Favorite Articles In CRM This Week

Salesforce as house Lannister, the costs of dirty data and the impact IoT has made on CRM. All and more in this week’s list of my favorite articles in CRM. Enjoy!

1. CRMs battle for the Iron Throne:

Well I had to start with this one because it’s just too funny, and in some cases even kind of true. And as Game of Thrones’ fifth season is about to come to an end, we can take a little bit of it to our own personal worlds, with Salesforce as the Lannisters, Zoho as the Starks and so on. (Written by Suzie Blaszkiewicz)

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2. How Marketing Can Work With Sales to Close More (and Better) Leads:

And now to some more serious stuff. Every CEO knows how to lecture about synergy. Sadly, most of the time, getting there is almost entirely in the hands of the employees themselves, and their managers. Usually the problem lies with the “how”, and the exact places and situations where you can join forces with another department for mutual benefit. This great article will try to provide you the necessary guidelines to start off. (Written by Hadar Duek)

3. What it Takes to Boost CRM User Adoption Rates:

Going through CRM adoption with your team can be a long, tedious ride, and much has been written about it: from shortcuts, through crucial consideration points, all the way to your philosophy as a team leader. The next article tries to combine all and give you a short, straight-to-the-point guide for CRM user adoption. (Written by Marc Collins)

4. How Much is Dirty Data Costing You?

So your team has adopted CRM successfully. You might be already working with it for years. But are you getting the results you should be getting? The next article addresses an important issue that’s often neglected- data reliability and the (potential) damages of dirty data. (Written by Larisa Bedgood)

5. 4 CRM Trends That Will Change the Game in 2015:

2015 might be already halfway through, but in the tech world every second brings another surprise to the table. The next article offers some nice predictions for the rest of the year. (Written by InsideCRM)

6. The CFO is CRM’s Greatest Accomplice:

“The world of corporate finance traditionally prioritizes three “C’s”: cost, compliance, and control. However, now is the time for to add a fourth “C” to the list: customer.” Wise words, and even more inside. (Written by John Bonney)

7. The Internet of Things Is Changing How We Manage Customer Relationships:

CRM is a vast, data rich world, and it expands so rapidly that its users have to constantly re-evaluate their routine work with it. Now, with big data and the IoT becoming more and more connected with CRM, this article tries to sort things out for you. (Written by Ric Merrifield)

8. Salesforce Vs SugarCRM – Who Wins the Battle?

Closing this week’s list is a comparison I’ve made a while ago between two solid CRM platforms- Salesforce and SugarCRM. Hope you find it useful!