CRM Michael TaylorMarch 19, 2014

Microsoft Online CRM Review

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Microsoft Online CRM Review

Microsoft Online CRM is an affordable and user friendly software that is very helpful to Microsoft Office users. It is considered as the ideal customer relationship management solution for enterprise and mid market organization. This product offers a simple solution to common problems that businesses that use Microsoft office on a regular basis face. In this Microsoft CRM review, all the pros and cons of the software have been highlighted.

The Pros

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  • It has powerful reporting capabilities

You can create a complete report using Microsoft CRM in a short time. This is because it is possible to build a report from a wide range of prebuilt reports using the SQL server reporting service or through the report wizard. You can easily open an excel file that contains your report and refresh it without going into your CRM application. The dashboard offered by this software gives you the ability to modify layout, drill-down into sub-data obtain in line data visualization. It also gives the users ability to visualize the information they want through intelligent user graphs and charts.

  • It has an updated interface

This software looks and feel like Windows 8. Its menu is easy to navigate and you can easily access marketing, sales and other options that are relevant to you. You can easily switch between dashboards and customize each dashboard so that you can easily access all your important information.

  • Great online support

Microsoft CRM online support center contains many useful materials that you can use as you are getting started and while you are using the software online. There are quick start guides, training videos, popular searches, FAQs, a knowledge base, CRM team blog and forums. In the forum, you can easily get help fro, Microsoft staff or from other people using the software. You can post a new question or get a solution for your question from answers that were posted to answer users who had posted the same question before. In addition, you can also post your question on the Facebook wall and wait for a response from the technical team.

  • Organized mismanagement of data

The Microsoft CRM can track changes on records that you specify and records new data such as change in time and date. The software can also record the users who made the changes. The auditioning tool can help you drive efficient processes, conduct user training and maintain compliance with external and internal regulations. You can maintain data quality by eliminating duplicate data. This is because it is possible to create a rule to check if there is duplicate data.

The Cons

The Microsoft CRM can only run on internet explorer. Therefore, if you are using any other browser, you do not have a choice but to migrate to internet explorer. Users of Linux and Mac cannot use this software without creating some sort of window virtual machine. This can be a very tiresome and time consuming process. This is made money people who don’t use internet explorer opt for other CRM solutions that can work with their systems.

Despite this disadvantage Microsoft online CRM still remains one of the best CRM solutions.