CRM Michael TaylorOctober 30, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Made Easy

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Made Easy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM training may seem like an uphill battle for any business. No matter how much experience you as a business or as an individual professional may have with training, when it comes to these CRM systems, especially once they’ve had custom code or extensions added (not to mention custom forms and record types), it can be a bit of a conundrum as to how to approach training for this.

The problem you have with Microsoft Dynamics CRM training, or really with any of these systems is, once those modifications and customizations are in place (and you will make some, count on it), the system is no longer “out of the box”. Any tutorials, videos or other material online may cover some of the basic subjects for using the system – things that are unchanged. However, these modifications make some of that information obsolete, or utterly inaccurate, and none of the prefabricated training material can cover the changes themselves, and how to use new functionality.

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Well, that’s a problem, isn’t it? It leaves you needing to create new training material specialized to your instance of Dynamics, and you basically have to design this training from the ground up, since fundamentals you’d build from may be redundant or, as I said, obsolete or inaccurate. And, CRM software’s not difficult once you get to terms with it, but it is definitely complicated and not something that’d be fun to design full on courses for.

Well, there’s another solution to this that kind of took everyone by surprise, and that’s this tutorial creation system that’s making waves in all the ponds. You’ve probably heard of WalkMe at this point, but just in case you haven’t, or you don’t know the details, let me nutshell this for you.

WalkMe was created to address the need for “learning by doing” in software training. This is really the only way to effectively train people in software use, and in the past, this meant following steps in a book, or having human guidance. WalkMe offers an alternate way to achieve this, and a far more practical one. Basically, it’s an SaaS solution which integrates with web interfaces. From there, it can interact with and control web form elements, though its primary function is to track user activity through them.

When it sees a state that needs addressing, it can lock forms except for the one in question, and pop up messages to tell the user exactly what to do. Through this simple but robust ideology, it can guide people through the most complex processes in realtime, and prevent them from making fatal mistakes while they learn. All this, it can be programmed to do through a point and click scripting system even a house cat could figure out in five minutes, so there’s not even a need for programming skills to set this thing up.

With WalkMe, you could simply figure out every activity your trainees need to learn in your modified CRM, and set up guidance scripts for WalkMe to talk them through it as many times as they needed until they had mastered it by pure practice. And while they learn, they are getting real work done.

This solution makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM training far less of a daunting task, and it does the same for other CRM just as well. So don’t fear the need to train your staff for CRM, because there do exist powerful technologies that make this a snap now.