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Infor CRM Review

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Infor CRM Review

I’ve decided write an Infor CRM review for those individuals who may perhaps not be in the know about the diverse benefits this solution offers to business establishments. As virtually everyone would readily know, effectual customer relationships happen to be the foundation and driving force behind every successful organization.

Infor CRM Review

Effectual monitoring of customer touch points

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With this fact in mind, this CRM application is designed to facilitate an appropriate environment where users can keep track of every single client touch point across the various departments in an organization. From marketing, sales as well as customer services and support teams. In essence, Infor CRM allows the maximization of the impact of each of the transactions that are executed within the whole customer lifecycle.

Unmatched versatility across diverse industries

This solution is also widely acclaimed for its unmatched versatility and can accommodate the mundane operations of more than 70 different industries. This definitely means it can cater for diverse industry specific needs. It comes with deep integration as well as unmatched versatility that enables users to control how it is deployed and ultimately how it is utilized.

Without further ado, let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable features and functionalities of this one of a kind CRM solution offers.

Effectual streamlining of sales operations

Infor CRM comes equipped with a wide range of built-in sales tools that can come in handy in the comprehensive management of the sales pipeline. Further, it enables the creation of in-depth client profiles, which when coupled with its intuitive sales productivity tools permit relevant teams to identify opportunities and also streamline sales operations.

This product can also put you in an excellent position to review your sales team efficiency and productivity, and optimize them to drive much better results. Infor CRM also comes with invaluable lead management functionalities that permit for bringing all sales opportunities to a quick, and more to the point, successful culmination.

Effectual marketing functionalities

This amazing application enables the deployment as well as tracking of virtually any kind of marketing campaign. By using the direct campaign functionality, you and your marketing team can precisely target specific market segments within your niche. And also keep track of the effectiveness of such specialized campaigns. By making use the marketing reporting and analytics functionalities that this application offers, you can effortlessly monitor the responsiveness of your campaigns . As well as the ROI you obtain from such marketing techniques.

Top rate customer support services

This CRM solution also comes with indispensable tools as well as functionalities that enable your customer services team to effectually and rapidly resolve all client issues. As well as provide for a top quality customer experience. Both of which can go a long way in fostering loyalty and the retention of lucrative clients.

Additionally, this application can enable you to offer to your customer intuitive self service solutions that can enhance client experience in an extremely ingenious and hassle-free manner. Infor CRM can also generate insightful reports on how your customer support team is fairing on when it comes to solving client challenges. Which can give you the power to streamline your organization’s customer support services in more ways than one.

Accurate and comprehensive reporting and analytics functionalities

Infor CRM is also universally acclaimed for its robust reporting and analytics tools that provide the key to unlock the power of your pertinent business data. Which can at one go enable you to optimize your team’s efficiency and also individual `productivity. While still been in a position to streamline and enhance your organization and client intelligence. You can opt for standard, list management or even out of the box CRM reporting functionalities. All of which can facilitate an ideal environment for formulating and ultimately implementing analysis-oriented business decisions at all levels of your organization.

Infor CRM facilitates for intuitive forecasting

The simultaneous integration of sales management tools with analytic and proactive alerts functionalities can enable business organizations to make accurate forecasting. While its best practices process automation feature offers intuitive suggestions as well as the execution of viable business actions that drive optimal results across an organization.

Infor CRM integrates up to the minute cutting edge technology

This CRM application integrates a modern architecture with a highly adaptable platform, which is geared to adequately meet the unique needs of your business. Its powerful and highly flexible configuration permits the creation of dynamic and highly personalized user experience that your team will definitely appreciate. While its advanced customization features accommodate user, organization-wide and industry specific requirements. All in all, the Infor CRM offers robust integration, advanced security and process automation as well as deployment options. That can comprehensively cater for your business establishments distinct day to day operations .

Infor CRM offers an unmatched flexibility of utilization

This application offers diverse options when it comes to whatever platform that you may wish to use it in. You can choose from an on-premise, hybrid, cloud or even mobile solutions according to your organization’s needs and preferences. When it comes to on-premise you can utilize either Microsoft SQL server or Oracle server. While the hosted solution permits you to use Microsoft Windows server or IIS. Finally, Infor’s cloud solution is hosted by the Amazon web service (AWS).

Seamless mobile devices compatibility

Infor mobile facilitates for effectual smartphone and even tablet utilization that can undoubtedly give your team a competitive edge over all your rivals. The seamless interactions with native devices functionalities such as mapping, email or even dialing can effortlessly streamline the user experience. Your team will be able to access or edit contacts information, view KPIs, access charts as well as keep track of their schedule from virtually anywhere they may be located.


It is  vident just how Infor CRM can be indispensable to virtually any kind of business entity across diverse industries.