CRM Michael TaylorNovember 11, 2013

In Depth Zendesk Review

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In Depth Zendesk Review

With CRM being such a vital core of business thanks to SaaS making it practical to design it, the next obvious thing to explode into rapid development were support systems to help reduce the dependence on call centers for customer support and service. One of the more popular go to solutions in this department is the help desk. One of the most popular of these help desk systems is Zendesk. But, before we get into this Zendesk review, let me point out something about help desks.

With a help desk system, you have to choose wisely not only when it comes to its features as a desk, but also how nicely it can play with your CRM. Some help desks have extension capacity or API that allows any missing interoperability capacities to be readily developed, but you a€™re better to avoid that if you can. As you will see later in this Zendesk review, one of the defining things about a good help desk is integration out of the box with some of the better CRM suites.

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So, how does Zendesk hold up? Well, there’s a reason it’s regarded as one of the best help desk systems out there. One of the outstanding things about this one compared to its equals is the mobile support, with native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Few others support these so well, especially the finicky iPad. But, along with this, it has outstanding automation for ticket handling, workflow generation and reporting as well as analytics tracking.

Unlike a lot of help desk systems, this one also supports a veritable multi channel experience, with email, web, phone, chat and social media all being integrated under unified cases and tickets.

Add to this the customization capabilities of complete rebranding using CSS, along with an intuitive API for developing integration with other services, and you have a setup that’s ridiculously easy to make it undoubtedly all about your company.

Along with these, as I said before, choosing wisely to support your CRM easily isn’t a dilemma with Zendesk, because it has pre-built interoperability with Salesforce and Sugar CRM. If this isn’t one of your preferred CRM solutions, then the API packaged with this software is very easy to use for facilitating integrating just about any other service with a tiny bit of elbow grease.

Many companies that have adopted Zendesk have touted that in a mere single day, with no prior experience, they were able to create very competent, highly-branded support pages that were absolutely dazzling.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about diversifying your support and service channels, and focusing on cross-integration of your services so that anyone can handle things as is the best for their comfort, with centralism of data to allow all of it to line up.

Zendesk is in fact an example of technology directly geared for this way of thinking. It’s very difficult to find a negative Zendesk review, and in trying to be even-handed, this made it difficult for me to find any negatives to balance this. The only real caveat I can really put forward is that you will probably have to learn that API to get the fullest functionality out of integration, because it lacks a diverse app exchange like Salesforce or other services.