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Goldmine CRM Overview

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Goldmine CRM Overview

Before getting to understand the reasons why GoldMine CRM is considered as one of the best software solutions for giving a push to business, it would be a better idea to have a clearer understanding about the need for such software in the first place. CRM as most of us might be aware stands for Customer Relationship Management.

In today’s competitive business world it is very important for companies to find out innovative ways and means by which they can help not only find new customers but also retain the existing ones. In fact according to many marketing experts and wizards, maintaining an existing customer is much cheaper and easier when compared to looking for a few new ones.

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Why The Need For CRM Software Packages

The simplest and most obvious reason why we need CRM software is because we need to always be one up on competition when it comes to servicing customers. Today’s customers are extremely information and internet savvy. There is nothing such as brand loyalty which we often used to hear from our fathers and forefathers.

Today’s customer is willing to look at each and every product minutely and is willing to spend time and effort before deciding on a particular brand or product. While some customers may be looking for quality over cost, there could be others who are very cost conscious and could be always searching for discount offers and discount coupons.

Unless the companies are able to track customers buying habits, information seeking habits, and the frequency with which they buy a product or service, it would be impossible for companies to offer him what he likes at the best time, at the best price and at the right place.

Since there are a number of companies that could be dealing with thousands or even millions of customers it would be virtually impossible to track their buying habits and methods manually. Hence there is a need for good software based solutions. There are literally scores of such software and GoldMine CRM is one such software that is considered to be very efficient and also much sought after. Let us over the few lines try and get to know something more about this software and why it is considered so very special.

Goldmine CRM Overview

As mentioned above the main objective of this software is to track consumer behavior and strengthen the front end so that the customers can be serviced better. There are quite a few features that make this CRM software very special and we will have a look a few of them because covering each one of them might be difficult in a single article. The main objective of this software is to manage the sales pipeline very effectively. The software helps in avoiding stock out situations and at the same time also plays a big role in avoiding overstocking of certain products or even services.

Optimizing Marketing Programs And Improving Customer Support Levels

Another big reason why this software is considered very effective is because it plays a big role in making various market programs to become more effective and customer centric. In today’s cut throat marketing conditions, it is quite normal for companies to come out various customer offers and other marketing strategies aimed at rewarding loyal customers and also roping in new customers. Towards this objective, there is no doubt that GoldMine CRM is considered to be one among the best that is available in the market.

Integration With Microsoft Outlook Is The Takeaway

Another important reason why this software is considered very user friendly is perhaps because it is possible to integrate the entire software with Microsoft Outlook. When the software is integrated and tied to a reliable email system such as MS Outlook, it makes it better for marketing strategists to take immediate action based on real time information and date. The software provides the opportunity to track customer interactions, their needs, requirements and preferences on a continuous basis. This certainly is a great boon when it comes to designing lightening fast market promos and other activities that could catch competition napping.

Can Be Used At Various Levels

Unlike many other software, another takeaway as far as this CRM tool is concerned, is its ability to be used at various tires and levels. Most of the CRM software solutions are generally available only to the top management who take decisions. However, this particular software is designed in such a way that it can be installed at various levels. Each level can make use of the same in their bid to better customer services and also add their valuable inputs. If a particular level is not authorized to take such important marketing decisions, the software provides for escalation of the findings to various levels with almost zero loss of time. Hence, timely sharing of information at various levels is something that is very unique with this particular CRM software.

It Has To The Test Of Time And Numbers

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hence, this software is best judged by customers who have used it over a period of time. It would be pertinent to mention here that the CRM software is being used in around 45 countries in different languages. There are around 15,000 highly satisfied customers and they are situated in close to 80 verticals. The number is increasing and it certainly will reach staggering heights over the next few years. This is a good testimony for the efficiency of this software.

Top Class Customer Service And Affordability

Another point that needs mention as far as this CRM software is concerned is the quality of service that is provided by the manufacturers. At any given point in time as a customer you can get in touch with the service providers either online or over phone. The response time is also impressive. Last but not the least, the cost of the solution considering the benefits that it provides to customers is very attractive to say the least.


Though there are quite a few dozen such CRM Software solutions available in the market, those who have used the GoldMine CRM software have always had good things to talk about it.

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