CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 11, 2016

Fascinating Video: Social CRM Explained by Chuck Schaeffer

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Fascinating Video: Social CRM Explained by Chuck Schaeffer

In the digital age, technology changes our lives and the ways we work. CRM has to be effective to increase revenue, sales and businesses profitability and popularity. Therefore, sometimes we have to say goodbye to the traditional CRM and welcome the social CRM.

There are many differences between the traditional and social CRM as well as many reasons why Social CRM is more effective and better now. We should be attractive and accessible to our customers so they can trust us and be loyal to us. Therefore, adopting a social CRM system is starting to be mandatory in our digital world, rather than optional.

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This is why it is highly essential to know what its benefits are and how to use it. In his video, Chuck Schaeffer, explains the main reason why social CRM is crucial for business success. Enjoy this friendly video my attentive followers!