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CRM integration Guide

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CRM integration Guide

Why is CRM Integration Important?

Whether you’re the CEO, manager or someone in between, you know the importance of your customer relationships. You’ve probably sat through more meeting hours than the ones you spend at home, trying to narrow down the best approach for managing contacts, leads, and possible opportunities and endless possibilities that are your customers. On the plus side, you’re not alone; it has been an ongoing thing since the invention of the Rolodex.

Thanks to the technology evolving around us to meet our needs, you now have an advanced and elegant way of achieving customer relationship management; it is a software application also referred to as a CRM. Using a CRM application that can easily integrate with your website will help generate leads, and we don’t need to tell you why that’s important. Now lets face the facts, most leads aren’t ready to talk sales, but with the proper CRM you can use an automation to build a connection through emails and even send follow-up offers to get them interested again in what you have to offer.

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What Does the CRM Mean to Me?

Your company is precious to you, and you want to do everything in your power for it to be successful. Still, no matter the status of your company the most important thing is the relationship with the customer. A CRM integration with your current website allows you to keep track, pass off leads to your sales team (even if you are your own sales team), when there are customer trends it will take notes, another thing it monitors your companies performance.

Think of it as sending a qualified agent to sit down and talk to these people and listen to their needs, and what is important to them or what they are looking for in relations to what your company has to offer. Not only will it provide you crucial information such as what part of the website your customers are looking at the most, it will notify you if the customer is one that re-visits your site, or has clicked on your email.

With important information gathered and pass on to your sales team, your quality group of people or just you can take the time to give them a call to get them interested in doing business with you.
A lot has changed over time, and the CRM programs available now are easier to use and focus on providing you with the security of data retention, and even the ease of mobile usage allowing you to stay on top of things on the go and delegate tasks more evenly among your team.

There is Still More to Offer

Of course, this program doesn’t just stop once the deed is done. You now have a customer who has purchased something from you, with advanced email marketing strategy and customer nurturing efforts, the CRM does what it can to provide you with happy customers and customer retention should you choose to use the service in this way. The importance of that is, it guarantees the customer receives the right marketing message over time, either leading you to another lead such as his or her neighbor, a relative or a good friend that will already be prepared and ready to talk business with you.

Personalized reports that notify you of your marketing status, you get real-time results to look at results such as “Delivered X amount of email propaganda, customers opened X amount, X amount haven’t been opened, X have clicked the links, X have unsubscribed” results may vary you won’t always have X’s.

It truly depends on you as the CEO, CFO, Marketing director, or manager and what you think is the best route for your company to follow with the information given, not just this one but when you choose to adopt the CRM integration into your website and business. The tools for success are there, if you know where to look. The possibilities of this program are almost endless and you know how crucial and beneficial it is for a company to know exactly what their customers are thinking and what they expect when doing business with your company.

Now it was also mentioned that it tracks down what the customers are clicking on your website and what part of your website they are looking at, with that information it is easier to cross-sale and send them to the right department to get ahold of them, or to up-sale from product X to product Y because they might have spent more time clicking through pages on information about product Y, even if they were once logged as interested in product X.


Surely you’ve heard plenty of information about CRM and you now have the idea and understanding of what the CRM is and does, how important CRM integration is and how it relates to your better business in the future. The tremendous impact this software has on your website and the benefits that it leads you to such as knowing that all your data is stored in an easy to find location, not only is it easy to find but it is easy to use whether you are a beginner who only knows how to open Internet Explorer, or you’re a computer master who understands the benefits of using other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

You are now fully aware that for best results the customer relationships are manned electronically to ensure no customer is left forgotten. Available information at your finger tips with the use of a smartphone to look at real-time data, and to process new leads as well as adding new customer information rapidly.

Attract new customers with the Intel gathered from previous relationships and what customers are looking for, with deep analytical process it can retain more customers through better customer service to match the customers needs and wants. Not only will you see the profits rise through the roof, you will also see a decrease in management costs. All this with just a simple CRM integration into your company’s business plan and website.

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