CRM Michael TaylorApril 10, 2016

CRM March 2016 Monthly Roundup

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CRM March 2016 Monthly Roundup

For this monthly round-up of the top articles in CRM we have expert tips, the 10 commandments and the Power Rangers… This is definitely an interesting bunch of fantastic reads for the month that may give you a little chuckle, but will also be extremely helpful!

1. Advanced CRM, With Few But Holistic and Less-complicated Features Is What Your Enterprise Needs

This great article from Customer Think suggests that in order to keep up with competition and remain relevant, your business needs to have an advanced CRM system! Placing an emphasis on the importance of carefully evaluating all the options, this article presents nine benefits and features that an advanced CRM can provide.

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2. What to Think About Before You Invest in CRM

This well thought out, detailed, and completely informative article from Business 2 Community is sure to have you thinking long and hard about what CRM software to implement. By breaking down all this information into a clean outline, you are sure to understand every key aspect that is needed before jumping into any random system.


3. What’s The Best CRM for Your Business?

Gene Marks, from HuffPost Business, is here to help you answer the all-important question, “what’s the best CRM for my business?” By providing us with a helpful example, this article explains how important it is that you make sure you’re getting the most out of the CRM system, while at the same time ensuring it’s doing its designated job properly.


 4. 5 Power Rangers That You Need for a Successful CRM Implementation

Throwing it back to the fantastic show that encompassed many of our childhoods, this article from CRM Next introduces the five Power Rangers for a successful CRM implementation! These rangers include chief data officer, digital CRM manager and information security analyst. Providing a detailed description of what each of these rangers will bring to your CRM team, this article will convince you to make sure you have each of them ready.


5. Infographic – Your Business May Need an Online CRM. Here’s Why:

This article presents us with a great infographic, which seems to be the key to discovering whether you’re in need of an online CRM. The flow chart presented here includes tons of helpful information and if you happen to end the chart on the answer “no,” you should begin to rethink your answers…


6. The 10 Commandments of CRM

The holy grail of all software’s! This article describes in detail the “10 commandments” that every CRM system should provide, and how to properly choose the perfect one. In addition, it provides helpful tips on how to go about this processes, along with some key points to consider.


7. How social media adds value to CRM

Bruce Harpharm from CIO, is a firm believer that adding the social media aspect and capabilities to CRM platforms is a sure way to help sales and marketing departments. By doing so you can improve upon analytics and process opportunities, manage CRM effectively, and build strong relationships. These developments are sure to add value to any CRM system, so this may be your next step.


8. Data Breach in your CRM System. Do you know the Risks?

Like any software that is available to companies, there are many risks that are prone to happening. The best way to prevent these risks is to understand that they are possible, and to take the necessary precautions. This article from Information Security Buzz stresses the potential risks that are accompanied by CRM systems. With all the data that CRM systems hold for your company there are risks of identity theft, fraud, and much more. However, once you are aware of potential threats, you can do whatever it takes to prevent the unthinkable!