CRM Michael TaylorDecember 31, 2013

Corporate CRM Simplified Using WalkMe

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Corporate CRM Simplified Using WalkMe

We’ve talked over and over again about a simple fact. But, it bears mentioning further, as many people are still only just becoming aware of it. That fact is that corporate CRM has become a core part of a business. This is because CRM was once a very niche software type, made out of tool chains or ugly OEM designs made on contract that worked when they felt like it.

When SaaS became a big thing, niches like corporate CRM were opened up to specific, targeted development, as the costs associated with traditional delivery and implementation which once stopped them from taking off are no longer relevant.

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A whole host of CRM solutions exploded onto the scene, displaying several now common models of design. Some are modular, with exposed API and integration systems which means apps can be made for them, and integration with a whole host of third party services is very easy to make a reality.

Others are more traditional, though that concept is fading away. This integration, even available in the traditional models, is causing CRM to be a core thing, because every department involved in the customer experience uses this system, and the stream of business process and customer interaction data flows through this like a central nervous system.

However, that same aspect has made things more difficult in other regards. See, all the configuration, customization, integration and alteration which can be done to most of the CRM designs available makes training a nightmare on any system that’s not fresh out of the box and default in all the important ways.

Also, CRM is still a tedious thing to use for repeated processes like data entry, inquiries and management processes, as automata to streamline these just does not exist at this time.

Or, does it?

WalkMe is a tutorial creation concept that works a little differently than older ideas. Following the concept of having a one on one guide to repeatedly take users, step by step, through a process, for them to learn from experience, WalkMe’s very nature has made it able to help with more than just training and bucking old traditions for academia.

Which integrates into web forms, and monitors controls, form elements and browser states, can detect when a user is confused, or when they did something the wrong way, and correct the mistakes or prompt them to take the next step they seemed unsure of.

WalkMe can, through this, make CRM an even easier experience. You can use it to make hands on training and guidelines for your modified not-standard CRM state.

It can also become an automation service, making form filling, inquiries and other click heavy processes that users must do over and over again easier, as it can step in and do the tedious and predictable parts for them.

This slick intelligent system takes most of the still present bite out of CRM, making it a fully enjoyable thing.

WalkMe improves corporate CRM, and it improves a lot of other fields, too. This technology will become the ancestor of onboard helper AI as we’ve always envisioned in our science fiction. Pretty neat huh?