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A Comprehensive Maximizer CRM Review

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A Comprehensive Maximizer CRM Review

Maximizer CRM refers to a software application that enables businesses to manage and collaborate customer engagements online with ease. This software allows users to access robust platforms that illuminate customer relationships and offer a simple framework for organizing and automating information sharing. It is a development of the Maximizer Software that has specialized in producing customer relationship management solutions to web users both on desktop and mobile versions.

Maximizer CRM software comprise of sales force automation, e-mail marketing, marketing automation among other customer service solutions. It is available for subscribed online use as well as on premise desktop installation and the cloud based version is referred to as Maximizer CRM Live.

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Maximizer CRM Features

Microsoft Outlook users will be delighted to incorporate this service into their systems due to the familiarity. The feature has a panel with Quotas, Calendar and Knowledge-base modules. Its menu bar has many other small tabs and links to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It allows for Personal preferences and help as well. The records list is on one window pane at the top with a display of the particulars of the records on the bottom.

This software also allows one to organize data according to history, documents, notes and custom fields for additional records. It also has a campaign wizard template that can be customized to individual businesses for efficient results. This template enables budget planning for marketing campaigns, indicating lists of all requirements and activities that will be involved in the process. The wizard also generate reports and analytics in headings such as “Subscribes”, “Click through rates”, “Emails Sent” among others. Maximizer CRM also allows for generation of charts, tables and thermometers which can be imported to Microsoft Excel.

The reports can be generated in HTML, PDF, Word, XML and XLS formats from the 175 built in reports. The reports can be updated and shared to other individuals on a pre-scheduled basis when automated. There is also an online support option for contacting service providers to help in guided use or troubleshooting.

Benefits of Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM integrates well with most Microsoft products that people are already familiar with thereby providing an easy-to-use system for customer relationships management team. Besides the fast response and information sharing, this feature enables business to achieve efficiency through the following;

Business Monitoring

Maximizer CRM allows the user to configure visibility for their key performance areas using the business intelligence tools that provide indicators and insights. These indicators remind businesses when to make certain decisions early enough and generate useful analytics in form of reports, charts and tables.

Effective Campaigns

The Maximizer CRM wizard is by far the most effective wizard that allows social media integration and contact extraction. This feature enables users to extract social media contacts and manage communication with those contacts using numerous independent channels. The campaign wizard enables businesses to create and plan the budget with calculated expenses and expected revenue. This template also allows generation of reports to monitor campaign response through sent emails, unsubscribe, unique clicks among others.

Business Organization

The Maximizer CRM software template offers an effective display that allows easy organization and classification of data. Once the data is arranged, relationships between records can be established and developed to enable automation. The recognition and identification of data specific to a given record also becomes simple since the database is in continuous tracking and updating. The cloud space is unlimited and massive storage and operations can be performed and updated.

Seamless Communication

The internet accessibility and mobile versions enable efficient sharing of timely information between customers and businesses as well as between employees. This software helps management to track employee and business performance through frequently updated reports and insights. The services are accessible from anywhere provided there is internet connectivity. Reminders can be set as well as schedules for emails and appointments.

User friendliness

The Maximizer CRM has an interface that is very easy to use and works well with the commonly used Microsoft products. Outlook an Excel both allow imports from this software to be mapped and manipulated. The online support also has a directory on how to use the features as well as an option for email, phone call and live help.

Reduced Costs

This feature reduces the need for IT specialists with easy to learn processes and sufficient help from online support professionals. The increased efficiency in time management caused by automation lead to reduced labor/production costs. The effective task scheduling also saves the business from fees likely to be as a result of delays. With this software, long-term return on investment is apparent.


There are a few concerns that users will be hoping Maximizer Software to fix with their future upgrade of this software. One disadvantage is that there is no live customer support for getting instant aid. However, there is provision for a two business-days response unlimited email, phone and live chats.

Another concern is with Maximizer calendar that need special skills to finely integrate it with Outlooks calendar. This software also has limited browser compatibility (Firefox and Internet Explorer only). Other minor concerns include noted delays in loading refreshed data and incomplete social media integration. There is no provision for dial up which is a key value addition point that Maximizer Software will need to exploit.


Although Maximizer CRM is designed to suite small and medium businesses, it is used by bigger companies to manage components of their customer support and marketing. This software helps users achieve effective creation, sharing and management of relevant information through automated tasks and programs. It also provides useful insights through business analytics that aid decision making. Besides, this software is a valuable social media tool that can be used to enhance communication and sales promotion.

The user friendly interface that works swiftly with Microsoft products is a strong pro that enables quick familiarization and learning. Although subscription fees may be bugging, step by step incorporation and development of this feature holds long term returns on investment through reduced labor costs. The operations also improve through time management and fast service provision. It is therefore highly recommended for efficiency seeking businesses.

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