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Complete SageCRM Review

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Complete SageCRM Review

Growth is one of the major priorities of many small and mid-sized companies in order to achieve their full potential, you should consider SageCRM.

Complete SageCRM Review


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This is a wireless internet based software that optimized the sales, marketing and customer service of a company. Information on the three key areas is made available on every company computer which helps in enhancing organizational efficiency. The software is easy to install and can be installed directly onto the company’s computers or through a cloud based application. Sage offers three different packages that are suited for every type of business out there.

Offered types

Sage offers three variations of their CRM system for different kinds for uses, they are:


This interface is the most affordable one and offers basic features that provides effective customer relationship management. It offers lead and opportunity management to help in marketing and drive up sales. Sales forecasting and reporting of sales are other useful features plus customer management and management of useful contacts. A Web to lead function is also provided for a pretty affordable price of 20 pounds per user.


This is the most popular edition of the system as it offers an impressive amount of features for the moderate price of 50 pounds per user. It contains all the features in the essentials with the following additions: work flow management, the Sage CRM IPhone app, customer support and their CRM builder.

On- Premise

This edition is usually custom made for a company so the price varies from company to company. It offers all the features of the professional plus the Sage enterprise resource planning system with advanced email management and customization.


Sage CRM offers some very convenient features that completely change the functioning of your company for the better. Listed are the features offered by this software;

Online self service

Customers can access information on the company through the internet via this software and even go as far as making inquiries and purchases.


You can modify the system to match your company’s needs and preferences.

Information exchange

Employees can quickly share and view information on the system which is faster than traditional means. This feature also provides quick response to customer needs thus creating better customer service.

Increased customer knowledge

The software allows you to have a pool of information on your customers in one place where you can easily and quickly access it. This allows you to build stronger customer relations because you have full knowledge of the customer’s needs and preferences.


The company’s system is accessible from any computer as long as you have an internet connection to help you log into it. The software also comes with a replication solution that allows you to work offline outside the office especially if you are in an area without an internet connection.

User guide

You are provides with instructions and video tutorials on how to effectively use the system in case you encounter a problem area.

Microsoft Outlook

You have the way to synchronize this CRM with the Microsoft outlook or vice versa. This enables you to synchronize all you companies data to portable devices such as tablets and phones which enables you to work effectively from any location at any given time.

Customize the look and layout of your system

The colors and fonts of the system are easily changed through the toolkit to a choice that fits your company’s profile better.


Increases productivity and efficiency

The system provides fast and conveniently available data and reports that aid in quick decision making. You have reports and forecasts on items like sales available to you at the click of a button making it easy to base a lot of decisions on facts. Customer management is made easy and more effective as you have access to all customer information which also makes tracking leads in order to make sales easier. Employees can communicate, exchange information and collaborate on various issues and projects easily via the system which reduces the time spent on a specific project.

Social media management

The Company’s twitter feed can be viewed and kept up to date via the system while also providing interactions with customers and potential customers on social media sites such as LinkedIn. You are also able to drive up sales by gaining valuable information from your customers’ Facebook pages via the system.


Employees are able to gain access to the CRM system on their tablets and mobile phones regardless of whether they have an android, window 8 or Iphone operating system. This nifty and convenient tool enables sales teams in the field to access customer information quickly so as to make a sale and gives them the ability to update and add new information.

Great customer support

Sage offers one of the best customer support services that will ensure that when a problem arises with your system you do not lose valuable time and potential sales. They offer phone, email, web and live chat support which offers you a chance to use your most convenient one. They have remote diagnostic capabilities which enable them to identify the problem with your system to reduce on repair time.


Limited integration

SageCRM only offers the ability to integrate with any other email application a part from Microsoft outlook which is not always convenient for every user. The reports produced by the system cannot be exported to other file formats which is huge inconvenience especially because the outlook of the report is not usually printer friendly.

Limited deletion capabilities

You are only able to delete one document at a time from the system which is incredibly time consuming.

Does not have the ability to track competitors

Other CRM systems offer this feature, but SageCRM does not offer you the opportunity to view your competitors’ strengths and weakness to enable you to devise ways to get ahead of them.


This CRM system definitely has its faults like another but offers some unique features that weight out its bad ones. SageCRM definitely beats out a lot of systems when it comes to price being one of the most affordable in the market, so I recommend you request a 30 day trial and come to your own conclusion.