CRM Jenny RichardsJuly 7, 2015

Comparing CRM Software – The Best of the Best Revealed

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Comparing CRM Software – The Best of the Best Revealed

Whatever the CRM system you adopt, it is important to ensure that has a great organizational foundation. Additionally, it should be customizable and extendable. Here are the top CRM tools the market has to offer:


Salesforce is the undisputed leader when it comes to on-demand customer relationship management. Whether your organization is small, mid-market or enterprise, Salesforce has you covered. You will enjoy a broad suite of CRM apps with much focus on both sales and support.

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From Salesforce, you can enjoy vertical solutions for financial services, wealth management, and other industry-specific solutions. Salesforce’s platform houses the apps., is a modern architecture that offers increased scalability and flexibility for organizations of all sizes.

The Salesforce app boasts of capabilities in the following areas:

  • Sales management (its heritage)
  • Customer service
  • Partner relationship management
  • Market automation

All the above come in handy to organizations by helping them track sales leads, conduct marketing campaigns, monitor marketing campaigns, provide service post sales, and manage customer accounts.




Infusionsoft, provides online sales and marketing solutions tailored exclusively for small businesses. This great tool features the following:

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation tools
  • Social media tools
  • Email tools

All of the above help you engage and convert leads. Infusionsoft’s CRM functionality aids users to attract leads, streamline sales and close deals. E-commerce tools help you with online sales, automate fulfillment as well as enjoy repeat business. With this tool, you will receive personalized and one-on-one coaching services to get up and running.


ProsperWorks, gives you a detailed view about your customers. Whether you are in the real estate, distribution, or advertising industry, this application will surely be helpfull. Some of the solutions of this tool include:

  • Lead tracking
  • Opportunity management
  • Email integration

ProsperWorks, saves customer data automatically. This system independently conducts an online search to establish relevant data. It stores all files sent through email in a contact’s portfolio. The system then profiles every interaction so that every user knows how recently he or she contacted another user.


This end-to-end system offers better transparency and visibility into your entire sales process. Pipeliner web-based system is normally available for both windows and Mac. This tool also provides apps for Android, iPads, and iPhone devices. As an excellent fit for all industries, Pipeliner offers Social CRM capabilities and standalone Sales Automation. With Pipeliner, you can drastically improve communication between salespeople and customers through a holistic view into their comments, preferences, and prospects.


This is a web-based solution tailored for companies or organizations with the desire to nurture, build, and manage customer relationships. Bullhorn offers comprehensive functionality whether you are a PR firm or consulting firm. Bullhorn is mobile ready and readily available in all browsers. The tool gives you the utmost flexibility you need to work almost anywhere and anytime.

With Bullhorn, you can passively track email activity, pull vital contacts, and communications. Use this tool to copy vital information from any web page and put it to the app. Yes, it is that brilliant!

If you need to create test data, then the Salesforce test data is the best tool to use.