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Best CRM Articles of the Year

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Best CRM Articles of the Year

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor

2014 has been a dynamic year for CRM. A lot has been written about the evolution of social CRM, CRM search, Big Data, CRM training, the further adoption of cloud CRM, and of course CRM software providers like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and many more.

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With that in mind, here are some my favorite articles of 2014. Hope you find them as insightful as I did!

# 1 – The Era of the Entitled Customer: A Recipe for creating amazing Customer Experiences

This article by Paul Greenberg helps us better understand new technology that allows those in CRM to generate quality data. His interview with CRM Idol winner Richard White illustrates how.

# 2 – All That A CIO Needs To Know About CRM Was Said Already By the Dalai Lama

It is impossible to control all the variables of life. Instead of trying to control them, you should learn to cope with them. Here is a detailed article about this topic by Michael Maoz.

# 3 – Big Data vs CRM: How Can They Help Small Business

Small business need to grasp any credible opportunity for growth that comes their way. Big data and CRM are such opportunities that can expand their operations. Sara Angeles analyses how this two can help small business succeed.

# 4 – CRM Implementation tips from the Experts: Part One

This article by David Moth focuses on the way marketing, messages and branding can be personalized and automated through the use of customer data. His tips for implementing a more personalized service are insightful.

# 5 – Buying a CRM App Doesn’t Mean You Have a Sales Process

There are still many businessmen who think that buying a CRM application is the hardest part of rolling out a sales process. But that’s not entirely true. Brent Leary discusses why you need to look beyond buying a CRM app.

# 6 – 7 Steps to Put Your Customer Community to Work for Your Business

A vibrant customer community is important for any business that wants to stand out as a customer-focused organization. Scott Hirsch shares 7 brilliant strategies to build a warm community of customers around your brand.

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