CRM Michael TaylorNovember 8, 2015

Amazing Infographic: Multichannel CRM – Going With the Flow

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Amazing Infographic: Multichannel CRM – Going With the Flow

This fantastic infographic, by Orange Business Services, attributes importance to the digital customer experience as well as to our interaction with customers.

It does that by referring to 5 multichannel CRM secrets we should acknowledge to make this experience beneficial for both sides. It is important to consider multichannel CRM elements to enhance and boost our sales and thus, promote our business.

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In the infographic, we can see why customers choose one channel over the other and then some tips on how to use multichannel CRM. For instance, simplicity, availability, immediacy and interactivity are factors that determine which channel your customer will prefer.

In addition, in order to use multichannel CRM correctly, you should engage with customers online by transforming retails with smart phones. Furthermore, to maintain customer’s satisfaction, you should optimize lower costs for your channel and choose the right and the most communicative one in every industry.