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Act Online CRM Review

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Act Online CRM Review

If you’ve been searching for a CRM Software option, pay close attention to this Act online CRM Review. It is very important to have a program that can enable you to track prospect details together with clients’ in a specific database for easy management. Good online organisation of your institution can make it easier for you to monitor information, thus provide excellent service to your customers. The Act online CRM helps you to manage customer relationships with ease. But first of all, let’s understand what this online software is all about.


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What is it all about?

Earlier on, an institution had to hire an IT manager, purchase and host the servers for management of customer details. With this software, this burden has been eliminated. This helps to ensure that critical customer information stays safe within the institutions’ firewalls. This makes service delivery to customers faster. It is not only effective for small companies, but also big ones. If you want a cost effective CRM solution to help keep track of customer records, emails, track calls, manage meetings and control all aspects of online marketing, then it will be viable to make a date with it. Act online CRM comes in different versions to offer various solutions.

Software solutions offered

Act! Pro

This one is for institutions that require contact relationship management (CRM) of about 10 users. It enables you to work with 100,000 contact records. It comes with managerial tools to help build and maintain relationships. Additionally, it is well designed to offer outstanding services to customers, prospects and other contacts.

Act! Premium

This one is flexed in design to handle up to 100 users. It gives your users a powerful but at the same time intuitive avenue to capture and exchange information in a collaborative way. If your business needs to handle customers of such a magnitude, then it provides the best online option.

Act! Premium for web

This CRM helps you to update and exchange vital information about your products with your customers directly online. It uses an internet browser that doesn’t need you to synchronize databases first.
There are numerous versions being developed to improve efficiency and make management easier. You can buy this software from many sites that offer it, but be very careful to get the right one. Getting the perfect one will highly depend on your needs. Here are some of its benefits.


  •  It enables the sales team in your organization to create and invoice orders online.
  •  It has made it easier for customer service representatives to give support via online avenues such as emails and web chats.
  •  It enhances transparency in the sales and marketing processes by reducing overlaps and making sure that potential leads turn into trustable customers.
  • Data safety is given great concern when stored online instead of servers as they may crash leading to total loss of information.


Though very efficient, there have been claims from clients concerning data security. It is true that it provides a safer way as compared to storing data in the servers, but online threats remain constant. There are so many people out there who may hack and access information online. It is thus advisable for you to take caution and ensure that everything is well protected.

Finally, Act Online CRM is a must have software for many organizations. With versions taking care of different business sizes, it is very unlikely that yours has been left out. There is no need for you to continue struggling with online customer relationship management when a simple and cheap solution is available. Try Act Online out!